10 Infographics to Skyrocket Your Productivity in 2018

productivity infographicsNew year, new resolutions… We all know how hard is to stick to all the goals, especially when everything distracts us from achieving them. But the beginning of the year is a great moment to reconsider the habits and start planning the time wisely.

That’s why we want to invite you to join the journey through the productivity and time management tips hidden in the best infographics from 2016. See how quickly you can redesign your work-life balance in 2017!

Best Productivity Infographics for 2017!

  1. 40 Productivity Tips Used by High-Achievers – by Scoro

Scoro Team reveals the secrets of high productive people and their recipe to get things done effortlessly. Follow these 40 tips (believe me, they’re simple) and manage your time more effectively!

  1. 5 Productivity Tips From Incredibly Busy People – by OpenForum, published on Hubspot blog

Becoming a successful leader is a hard job, but thanks to these tips revealed by OpenForum team improvement is closer than you think!

productivity infograpgics

  1. The Simplest Productivity Tip: Get More Sleep – by Wrike

Suffering from insomnia decreases our productivity and efficiency because it prevent us from staying perfectly organized and focused on assignments. This excellent infographic made by Wrike provides simple but practical tips on how to get more high-quality sleep every day!

  1. What You Need To Know To Be Productive At Work – by Davitt Corporate Partners, published by 15Five

How the design of your workspace affects productivity at work? More than you think! But thanks to the Davitt Corporate Partners are useful resources for this subject are collected in one, beautiful infographic!

productivity infographics

  1. 10 Ways Office Plants Improve Productivity – by FlowerCard.co.uk, published by LifeHacker

Have you ever wondered how nature could improve productivity? The infographic below and tips included will tell you why you should pot up some plants in your office to stay perfectly organized every day!

productivity infographics

  1. 12 Days of Productivity – by Redbooth

Is it possible to increase productivity just in 12 days? Redbooth proves that it can be done effortlessly! Just follow these incredibly simple tips:

  1. How the Color of Your Office Impacts Productivity – by Taskworld, published by Entrepreneur

Have you ever paid any attention to the color of walls in your office? Trust us; it’s as important as your position while working! Choose the right combination with the infographic below:

productivity infpgraphics

  1. Here’s Where Your Team is Wasting Time at Work – by TimeDoctor

As the popular proverb says, time is money, and every lots minute means a waste for the entire team. Thanks to TimeDoctor you can find out for which activities time is usually wasted the most frequently.

productivity infographics

  1. 7 Crucial Tips for Managing a Remote Team – by Nutcache

More and more people decide these days to work remotely and thanks to the modern technology it is easier thank we think. But the person who manages the remote team takes the heavier responsibility – find out on the Nutcache infographic how to do it successfully.

  1. How Perfectionism Is Destroying Your Productivity – by Darius Foroux

In the modern society, which is success-oriented, it is hard to maintain the same level of personal efficiency. That’s why we don’t want to give up easily, but sometimes the lack of power overcomes the good intentions. Check the infographic why perfectionism is destroying your productivity!

productivity infographics

Hope these hacks mentioned in the infographics above will help you become more successful in 2017! Remember that knowing how to manage time in a proper way will help you stick to and achieve your resolutions much faster!

So, why don’t you give yourself a present and

10 Infographics to Skyrocket Your Productivity in 2018

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