4 Ways to Improve Productivity with Smartphone

The smartphone is the recent invention that has taken the world by storm. People are increasingly being dependent on the smartphone. According to the latest figures, around 64% of adult Americans have smartphones and they are highly addicted to this device. This delightful gadget is being criticized of ruining the family life and isolating the individuals to their phone and tablets.

Although, this device plays the major role in making the human’s smartphone bound, but this is also the most underutilized gadget of our age. Your smartphone is more than a camera and music player to you. It can play a major part in increasing your productivity level.

How To Improve Your Productivity with Smartphone?

There are millions of applications available on the Apple and Play Store that helps to use your phone to save time and allow you to be more improve productivity with smartphone.

Install Time Tracking Software

TimeCamp is a solid and reliable time tracking software that is extensively being used by the individuals, business and teams.

This software can be installed on your smartphones and keeps a track of your time both automatically and manually.

It allows employees and individuals to self monitor their own productivity. It also helps in self evaluation and forces an individual to treat time more respectively.

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Upgrade to Inbox by Gmail

Although you have the pre-installed Gmail app on your phone but you need an application that helps you to be productive when working with emails. Inbox by Gmail is a great application that connects you to a Gmail account and allows you to manage your mail more effectively. It has a range of cool features like snooze emails, scanning an entire conversation with a chat like interface and swiping messages to archive folders. With this app you will increase productivity with smartphone easily!

Download Note Taking App

Evernote is currently the best note taking app that majorly helps an individual to keep organized and improve their productivity.

With this application, you have a complete freedom to list anything and everything.

Moreover, you can use this application in various ways, such as to keep yourself organized with the daily schedule, record voice reminders, create to-do lists and most importantly taking notes.

👉 Check also the best note taking apps for Android.

productivity with smartphone
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Install Task Management Application

To increase productivity and to ensure that you are always ahead of everything, it is essential that you download task management software. Remember the Milk (RTM) is the simple application that can be downloaded on your smartphones to make sure you have all the functionality you need to work on your task. The best part of this application is that is has great user interface and it can be integrated with various online services like Google Calendar, Gmail, Evernote, MS Outlook and Twitter.

Productivity does not mean to complete a task in the shortest possible time; rather it can be defined as managing your time effectively and using it to benefit yourself. The applications listed above are fairly simple to use and there is nothing extravagant about them. Thus, these smartphone installed applications can surely improve your productivity and functionality.

4 Ways to Improve Productivity with Smartphone

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