PM Poll – How Freelancers and Businesses Use Project Management?

TimeCamp has conducted a survey concerning Project Management. We have sent invites to various companies around the globe, and 88 responded, providing us with some valuable information on the topic. Now, we can share the results with you. They should give you a helpful notion about the approach to project management, employees’ effectiveness, and productivity, the number of remote workers and freelancers hired, and many other interesting facts from the business. Have a look.

Question One – How mature do you think your organization is in terms of project management?

The answers were generally good and one can tell that managers have a high opinion of their teams and office environment. Most of the votes are located between mark 5 and 8, and there are three times more votes that claim their organization is doing great on the field of project management, than those that say it is doing very bad.

project management pool screenshotQuestion Two – How many projects is your organization normally involved in at this point?

Here we can see that the majority (2/5) of respondents work on two up to five projects, and slightly behind them are those, who work on more than 10 projects. This means that our survey was answered mainly by the representatives of medium and big-sized companies.

project management pool screenshotThird Question – What is the typical duration of the primary project(s) that you work on?

We can see here that almost half of the projects are not taking more, than 3 months. Generally, 70% of responders work on projects that do not take up to 6 months to be finished. Almost 10% work on projects that take about 3 quarters and the remaining 20% need more than 10 months and even a year, to complete their job.

project management pool screenshotQuestion Four – In general, which project management methodology do you use?

Out of 88 participants, only 59 provided an answer here, thus we can assume that 30% of responders do not follow any particular PM methodology. Agile is definitely the winner here, with 50% of votes but Waterfall, Kanban, and Scrum are also quite popular. Other methodologies are not common in the business.

project management pool screenshotQuestion Five – How much time do team members spend working independently?

We’ve had about 10 freelancers answering this question, so in their case the answer was obvious. However, as for the rest, most of the responders claimed that at least half of the time spent working for the company is done remotely. At least half, but most of the answers said, that employees spent the bigger part of their week working remotely, or even that the company hires only remote workers. Questions were open, and though most of the answers are simple numbers (like 100%, 90%, 50%) there were also some more elaborated answers, below are a few examples:

project management pool screenshotQuestion Six – How often do results improve when team members work collaboratively?

No surprise here – most of the answers varied only between “always” to “most of the time” or “often.”

project management pool screenshotQuestion seven – How often are decisions discussed with and influenced by people on the team?

We got 67 answers to that question and most of them claimed that team members have a huge impact on the development of the project. This is good news – when a team is collaborating and its members have something to say when it comes to project development, the company benefits from it.

project management pool screenshot
Out of 10 answers, only 2 were negative. (Actually, only one, as ‘too often’ still suggests that team members have a lot to say, it’s just that person answering does not find it much helpful 😉

Question Eight – Do you think your projects would run more effectively with the addition of intelligent software to support your assumptions?

¾ of the answers said “yes”, which is an uplifting information, especially for us, as we develop project management time tracking software 😀

project management pool screenshotQuestion Nine – Do you use any tools to streamline your workflow?

72.6% percent of the interviewed answered ‘yes’ to that question. We hope that many of them use TimeCamp on a daily basis 😉 Right software can significantly boost the performance of every office worker.

project management pool screenshot

Question Ten – What tools do you use to help deliver your projects?

Many different answers here and various tools were named. Trello is pretty popular among them, as well as Asana and Insightly. However, TimeCamp was also named more than a few times, which is a good sign!

project management pool screenshot
As you can see – a lot of different programs. The choice is dependant on the type of work the company does, and sometimes on the client’s demands.

Summing Up

That’s the first part of the analysis of our pole, you can soon expect the second one, with a lot of interesting information. We hope that you find this data useful and that it will help you with understanding the different approach to project management practiced in small, mid-sized and big businesses, as well as among freelancers.

PM Poll – How Freelancers and Businesses Use Project Management?

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