The Poll (Part 2) – How Businesses and Freelancers Use PM?

Hello, everyone! Hopefully, you are experiencing a great beginning of the week. It is, after all, quite common to say that only those, who hate their job, hate Mondays. In the world of Project Management, the reality is not that pessimistic (well, that’s what we would like to believe in 😉 as there is no monotony in it. We have to face constant challenges, and always be on our toes, controlling the team, the tasks, and the development of the project. What’s there not to like? 😀

Last week you had a chance to take a look at our post which we published to sum up the results of the poll conducted among various project managers, freelancers, agencies, and other businesses. You will find it at the beginning of the list of related articles below but if you already had a chance to take a look at it, you know that it was not completed. There are still more answers which we have not presented.

Therefore, we shall do it today. Enjoy the rest of our project management survey. We hope that you will find the information we gathered useful and that it will help you achieve better orientation in the complicated world of project management 😉 We finished at question number ten, so before we get to number eleven, let us quickly remind you what the tenth question looked like, and what were the most popular answers.

Question Ten – What tools do you use to help deliver your projects?

Many different answers here and various tools were named. Trello is pretty popular among them, as well as Asana and Insightly. However, TimeCamp was also named more than a few times, which is a good sign!

survey screen shot

As you can see – a lot of different programs. The choice is dependant on the type of work the company does, and sometimes on the client’s demands. Find the whole post below, be sure to take a look!


Question Eleven – How satisfied are you in general with your current tools?

73 responses – some were only one-word long, but others, on the other hand, were quite elaborate. The overall feeling is rather positive, people tend to like the software they work with but it’s worth noting that though many answers described the project management and time tracking software as fine, many also claimed that there was a place for improvement.

project management survey screenshot

Question Twelve – Which features would you like to see in your project management tool that are not yet supported?

This question was answered by 57 interviewees and the majority of them felt like the software they were using was lacking a few features. Luckily, the development of project management software is so quick that in the near feature there may be no more struggle with using the software the way we would like to – if a tool won’t offer a particular option, we most likely will find an integration that’s going to fix that.

project management survey screenshot

Question Thirteen – How experienced are you as a Project Manager?

An important one! And to our satisfaction, we can boast a little, as mostly very experienced project managers participated in our survey! Thanks, everyone 😉

project management survey screenshot

Question Fourteen – Do you have a project management qualification or membership?

The answer, in general, was “no.” However, some people turned out to had quite high qualifications, and also there was this one gem that we have to share (censored, though :D)

project management survey screenshot

Question Fifteen – When you’re overwhelmed with work, your first tendency is to:

project management survey screenshot

Prioritizing the to-do list is not a bad choice. However, when the work becomes too big a burden, we believe that delegating tasks should be our first choice (perhaps it’s done after we prioritize the to-do list?;)

Question Sixteen – When you assign a task, how frequently do you typically expect a status update?

project management survey screenshot

It’s good to see that in almost 25% of the cases the right software does the work for the employees. No surprise with 50% of the votes opting for the ‘neutral’ answer – it is usually the most logical way of monitoring the development of the task.

Question Seventeen – How do you communicate and collaborate with your team on a regular base?

project management survey screenshot

To be honest, we are not sure what to make of ‘others’ chosen by more than 25% of interviewees, those are probably mobile phones. Great to see that face to face communication still plays the most important role in the company, though e-mail is catching up, no surprise there.

Question Eighteen – Does your organization hire freelancers?

project management survey screenshot

Freelancing, remote working, consulting – these type of jobs are growing in popularity, as the market requires more and more attention. Hiring a freelancer can be very beneficial to the company, as you can read in our related post 🙂

Question Nineteen – If yes, what is the most important reason for hiring freelancers:

project management survey screenshot

The flexibility of freelancers is their main asset. When the team is getting overwhelmed by the tasks and projects, there are always those, who can help with part of the work for an appropriate fee 😉

That’s all the questions that we asked in our survey. We hope that answers provided will help you better understand the world of project management 😉 Also, we have prepared an infographic that you can use, to display the results of our poll on your website or blog. It’s free, so don’t be afraid to download it 🙂


Summing Up

That’s all folks! We hope that you found the information presented useful. We certainly did, as now we understand better the demands of the project management community and the principals by which it operates. That data helps us in designing more reliable, functional project management software – TimeCamp 3.0, soon on the market =] But even now you can sign up for the beta-tests and be one of the first to try it out.

The Poll (Part 2) – How Businesses and Freelancers Use PM?

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