Self-Improvement Tips: Set Your Personal Goals

Having a set of personal goals is a great way to stay motivated and dedicated to continuously making improvements in your life. For many though, goals are made but rarely ever achieved and this can be discouraging and depressing. If you want to live a fulfilling life and actually begin working towards those personal goals it will take a lot of dedication, a focus on time management and a desire to be as productive as possible everyday.

Self Improvement Tips. 1: Listing Your Goals

When you are first setting your personal goals it is wise to start by setting your life goals. These can be what you want to accomplish by a certain age or distant year. By setting life goals first you will be able to better put other things into perspective. This will help you with your time management in achieving these goals. Some of the goals you can set range from:

  • Career Goals
  • Financial Goals
  • Education Goals
  • Family Goals
  • Physical Goals
  • Attitude Goals
  • Luxury or Pleasurable Goals

Take the time to write out everything you really want from life and then re-evaluate the list to make cuts to focus on the significant goals you wish to accomplish.

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Self Improvement Tips

Self Improvement Tips. 2: Set Smaller Attainable Goals

Once you have gone through the process of listing all the goals you desire to achieve you will want to be setting smaller time frame goals. Create a 1, 3, 5 and ten year achievement list. Once you have an idea of what you want to accomplish and when you want to achieve them by you can start planning on how to accomplish these goals.

Once you have your one year goals in mind you want to create a six month plan, three month plan and one month plan.

Your one month plan will them be broken down to weekly and daily items that will move you closer to achieving your one month to one year goals. It will take some discipline and you will be working a great deal on your time management skills, but you will slowly begin to take the steps that move you towards accomplishing all your personal goals.

Self Improvement Tips

Self Improvement Tips. 3: Staying Focus

It may be easy to become discouraged as you work towards your goals and this can cause a number of setbacks.

Stay focused on what you need to do to continue working towards your goals.

Just because one thing does not pan out the way you intended does not mean you need to give up. Have realistic goals that you can have control over the outcome with. Many times people set goals that end up not being achievable because of forces beyond their control such as the weather or an injury.

Make sure you review the goals you have set periodically throughout the process. Review the work that you have done up to that point and make adjustments to your time management accordingly to increase your productivity if needed.

One of the most common things many individuals tend to do when setting personal goals is not address issues they are having when they first become an issue.

If you feel like you are not progressing as you would like then take a closer look at how you are going about your daily to do lists. You may need to re-prioritize, make some cut back (from leisurely activities like watching TV) or implement some better time management strategies. To achieve the personal goals you set for yourself can be an empowering first step but, you want to begin to take the steps to actually achieve those goals. 

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By prioritizing and breaking each goal into smaller more achievable goals you can easily begin to see yourself living the life you have always wanted.

Self-Improvement Tips: Set Your Personal Goals

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