Five Signs Your Boss Doesn’t Know What You Do

How To Know Your Boss Doesn’t Know What You Do?

Has it ever occurred to you that your boss asked you a question “What did you do today?” It may seem as something standard to be heard at work. But does it mean that he is really interested in what you do? Does your boss know what your job in the company is and is the question a reflection of his interest? Or maybe alarm bells should set off on the sound of such a question? Here are five signs pointing to the fact that your boss doesn’t know what you do.

1. S/he Doesn’t Communicate

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Communication is crucial. Especially at work. We need it to function normally, to share our ideas and business related issues. And it doesn’t matter if you work in a team or individually. There’s always someone you’ll have to speak to about your work. And the person no.1 is your boss. He’s the one who should always stay updated on your progress and the things you do. But if he doesn’t even leave his office to check on you, or even to say “hi”, something is just not right! A good boss should know what your work is. He should be able to, at least, describe your position and have some idea about your occupation. To know what happens with a boss who closes himself in his office, you can check out this article.

2. S/he Doesn’t Ask Questions

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A boss who doesn’t ask questions has completely no idea what’s happening in your work. It’s important to have interest in employees’ tasks. Not only to understand them better, but also to make sure everyone in the company does the best to provide success. If your boss doesn’t ask questions and passes you by without a word, you can be sure he has no idea what you do at work.

3. S/he Isn’t Interested in Your Work and Priorities

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How does your boss react to your achievements as a worker? Is he interested? Does he show enthusiasm? Or maybe quite the opposite? If so, this is another sign that your boss doesn’t know what you do. Not showing interest in your tasks deprives him of opportunity to learn your positive impact on the company. As a result, your work is not appreciated and your productivity becomes weaker.

4. S/he Doesn’t Talk to You About Your Work

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If your leader avoids the topics revolving around the company and instead talks about yesterday’s game, that’s a serious sign he doesn’t know what you do. Moreover, he doesn’t want to know! And that’s not good. How can you know if what you’re doing is good, if you can’t even learn what’s the company’s status? If your reports or projects are not considered and reviewed, especially by your boss, then your efforts to be a good employee are in vain.

5. You Can’t Share Your Ideas With Him/Her

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Sharing your ideas, especially in a larger business is not only effective but also helps people to communicate better. If your manager doesn’t confront with your ideas, how can he be aware of your work in the company? Listening to employees’ advises and opinions helps to grow a better connection between co-workers and the boss. It also helps you to present yourself from the best side and give the boss an insight into your work.

Get To Know Your Boss

It’s obvious that your boss isn’t obliged to know everything about your specialty. And you don’t have to know everything about his area of work. But it’s good if you two know the basics. It’s important in maintaining the professional level of your relationship and to have a positive impact on the company. And if you see any of the above five signs in your boss’s behavior, you can be sure s/he doesn’t know what you do. Sometimes it’s worth trying to be the first one to reach out and try to improve (or even start) the line of understanding between the two of you. And if doesn’t work, you should ask yourself whether working for a person who doesn’t care about your work is worth your time?

Your Boss And Time Tracking

One of the best solutions to maintain a good relationship with your boss is the use of time tracking software. Why? Because thanks to it he can have a preview into your work. He can not only control your tasks but also know what exactly you’re doing.

Time tracking software allows you to control the time you spend on your work. It shows the productive and nonproductive tasks and the amount of time you invest in them. It is a great tool to stay motivated and become more effective in your work. And an effective time tracking software is what TimeCamp presents!

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Five Signs Your Boss Doesn’t Know What You Do

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  1. My boss always know what we’re doing! She’s a perfect leader and lovely person. She cares about like a mother!

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