Social Media Time Management Skills Practiced by Successful People!

Consider: how much time do you spend on developing a coherent strategy for promoting your company on social media? How often is there a temptation to scroll the Facebook blackboard without a clue or jump from one video with funny dogs on YouTube to the next? Believe me, each one of us has encountered such a moment of weakness at least once. And yet, from thoughtless browsing through Instagram, the power in social media will not build itself… What if I told you that you can spend time on social media and at the same time keep your productivity level? Sounds ridiculous? Then sit back and grab that fifth cup of coffee, and find out what are the best social media time management skills that are followed by highly successful people.

Social Media Time Management Skills Practiced by Successful People!

Only use the channels that benefit you

people communicating in social mediaAs a Manager and a high-succesful person to be, you should know that there are many more social networks than just Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. And you’ve probably tried more than once to set up company profiles on lesser-known SM channels and build new communities around your product through them.

Rather than just grabbing a few hits by the tail, try to focus on those channels that will bring you tangible benefits – the ones that best attract your current audience and knock out new ones. It’s not worth wasting your time on those portals where it won’t pay off in the form of increased engagement.

Automate your activities

Do you know how much time we waste every day on repetitive tasks? According to a study by the Smartsheet team, each week we spend about 1/4 of our hours on these tasks. A little bit of that, right? Imagine how much we could do at that time and how much we’d be ahead with our work! To prevent time from being wasted, try to automate repetitive activities – let technology do it for you!

Schedule your social media entries for at least a few days ahead. With planning tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and IFTTT, you won’t have to go to Twitter or Facebook every time to post something, and you’ll save a few really valuable minutes a day, which will turn into a substantial number of hours to use for other current affairs every month or year.

In addition, you can also use apps like Tweetdeck (for Twitter) and Feedly, which will collect the content you’re interested in for you to keep you up to date with the most popular infotainers in the industry. Moreover, instead of having to worry about searching for the information by hand, invest in Brand24, which will do it for you and will show you who, what and how it says about your company, your product, and your competitors in a pleasant report. You will also find out who needs your service – just remember to react at the right time, you can always get an extra customer!

Remember, however, that some actions cannot be automated – I mean mainly answers in comments or in a private message. After all, nobody likes to get a response like “Thanks for the share” or a completely unsuitable statement, right?

Give yourself (proper) time

people communicating in social media Content in social media has this to do with the fact that it can unfortunately remain completely unnoticed, especially if it is published at the wrong time (and especially when we address entries from Poland to a group of recipients such as the United States). Therefore, in order not to waste time on inefficient activities, it is better to use the to-do list, for example, the one prepared by the Hopper HQ team. By publishing the right content at the right time, we significantly increase the probability of seeing our entries by those people we care about most!

Also, try to find out how much time you actually spend on all the activities related to a particular social media channel. But it’s only difficult to do this by peeking at your watch nonstop, right? Try using time tracking tools like TimeCamp! By installing a discreet and easy to use application (available both on the desktop and on the phone, as well as in the Chrome plug-in version) you will find out how long activities such as publishing itself, but also research or answers to comments or questions in a private message take.

Analyze your actions

Waste of time in SM means not only publishing at the wrong time or stubbornly performing manually repeated activities but also taking actions not based on achieved results. Think how many times did you think that your actions would surely bring success, and in the meantime, the number of reactions under the fast was too small for the intended results?

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by social networking sites. Visit the statistics page of the media in which you publish and analyze them thoroughly in terms of the most important metrics, such as the trend in the number of viewers. The number of postings and reactions underneath, as well as where and what devices your community members use. If your activities do not generate profile traffic, consider your strategy, and determine what content best reaches your audience. If, as a result of new activities, you see that engagement has increased, brand awareness will also increase, and thus the sense of time wasted on inefficient activities will stop annoying you! And if you are not sure how to analyze your actions by yourself, you can use a third-party tool like Social Status.

Don’t do many things at once, just stop multitasking!

Grabbing a few maggots by the tail doesn’t always bring the expected benefits, believe me! Yes, it happens more than once that we start at least two tasks at once and complete them successfully, but from my own experience, I know that it happens really rarely. Even scientists have proven that our brains are not physiologically prepared for this type of increased activity.

So in addition to the planning, I mentioned earlier, try to arrange your tasks so that they do not overlap. Make sure you finish one and start the other – try not to open too many cards at once, don’t start tweeting, don’t finish posting on Facebook. You’ll see – you can do more in much less time!

Time management in social media does not have to be a challenge. Just set yourself a clear goal and stick to it! Take advantage of the power of tools available on the SaaS (Software as a Service) market, which will improve your activity in social media Remember also to analyze each of your steps and prepare content tailored to the interests of your audience. These few really simple steps will save you hours of precious time – and remember that time is money!

As usual, let us ask you if you have your own social media time management skills that you practice every day to be more successful – share them in the comments section! 😉

Social Media Time Management Skills Practiced by Successful People!

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