The Top 5 Reasons To Start Tracking Time As A Project Manager

“Time flies,” said Virgil in the era of Ancient Rome. After more than 2000 years this proverb continues to be a live issue – we’re experiencing it every day, still looking for a way to add another productive hour to our daily routine. But there is a way to challenge the law of physics without changing them because the only thing that needs to be improved is our time management!

But easier said than done. The very first thing should be convincing you that something is wrong, and we need the change. It’ll force us to start creating habits and then getting into a regular daily routine. Everything makes sense when it’s uncluttered, doesn’t it?

It’s essential when working as a project manager to find out how much time we usually spent on our daily activities. Here’s the place where we can use the power of time tracking software – a tool which provides you detailed results about what you’re currently doing. It’s extremely helpful to realize on which activities time is wasted the most and eliminate all the distractions. But how it affects the project manager’s work?

Why should you start tracking time as a project manager? 

  • It helps you allocating time,
  • Shows you the lack of workforce,
  • Makes hidden costs visible,
  • Makes task management easier,
  • Gives a clear overview of time and money spent.

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Let’s focus on details! Time tracking…

Helps you allocate time

Have you ever wonder what is the most efficient way to prioritize? Project time tracking can give it to you because it allows you to know where you and your employees devote time the most.  It’s also the best solution to find out how to eliminate time wasters and other distractions – unplanned and unproductive meetings or work-related activities like checking emails or answering the phone.

Shows you the lack of workforce

Time tracking gives a true view of your team’s capacity. Utilizing it proves you that employees’ complaining about being overwhelmed with workload wasn’t exaggerated.  Based on the detailed reports you’re able to decide that this is a perfect moment to hire somebody else, but it also helpful to choose if it should be a freelancer, full-time employee or a person hired on special conditions.

Makes hidden costs visible

We all know that time is money, but most of us have never realized how much we can waste every day. This generates additional costs which are difficult to find without appropriate support. Luckily, time tracking and project timesheet software can show you where they are by identifying the unprofitable part of the projects. You’ll soon realize how easy is to keep the money under control! That’s how it reveals the true costs of your projects.

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Makes task management easier

Time tracking allows you to stay perfectly organized with your tasks, especially when the tool is connected with another app which complements is features. Thanks to time tracking you and your team members will be able to find out the real value of time spent on each project.

TimeCamp is a time tracker richly packed with lots of useful features except for time tracking, like invoicing, creating detailed reports, timesheet approvals, internal chat and creating detailed reports. It’s a perfect solution for all-sized companies, but freelancers will also be pleased with it because it helps them to bill their customers accurately.  Need to estimate how much the project will cost? Nothing is easier – use the budgeting feature to prevent unexpected expenses!

Gives a clear overview of time and money spent

Based on the detailed reports generating by time tracking software you’re able to rate your employee’s performance. Nobody wants to pay for laziness, right? Allocate the resources wherever they are needed effortlessly. Time tracking prevents the team from overspending – as it was mentioned before, hidden costs and time wasted are revealed.

In a nutshell…

start tracking time

The Top 5 Reasons To Start Tracking Time As A Project Manager

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