5 Best Strategies For Achieving Your Goals!

We all know how easy is to set the goal. It’s just a few words with the willing to improve the current situation. But when it comes to achieving it… Unfortunately, it’s so easy to fail which leads straight to disappointment. But don’t be afraid – you’re not alone, there are a lot of people who suffer from a flash in the pan! 

That’s why I prepared some practical advice for how to make achieving goals a piece of cake – make yourself comfortable and read them carefully!

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5 Best Strategies For Achieving Your Goals!

Set realistic goals only

Every year we promise ourselves that in two, three, three months, we’ll e.g. lose weight we’ve put on last few months. Only recently have I noticed how bad this way of thinking is. We’re looking forward too much to something that we will not be able to keep anyway because sooner or later we will break my restrictive diet.

That is why we should decide to do something that we will be able to keep! The calm and balanced dropping of extra pounds, taking care of the complexion and hair … But naturally, not schematic and delusional expectations. Besides, do you remember what I wrote about the small step method? Never force it!

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Treat achieving your goals like a pleasure

Think – how many times have you failed to condemn the intended purpose only because it seemed too restrictive and distant to you? Me, unfortunately, quite often. It seems to me that the main reason for the failure to meet was the fact that I required too much from myself.

Some people feel a strange unwillingness to pour sweat when it comes to exercise to improve my fitness and fitness. So instead of forcing yourself to go to the gym, you should rather decide to go for a walk a few times a week, wake up a little bit earlier and go out more often – walking or biking.

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Find partners to help

The experience of previous years shows me how important it is to find a partner who will help me to persevere the resolutions. Try to look for someone who will keep you company in the course of fulfilling the challenges.

The times in which we live are much easier for us.  One of the coolest challenges is #52bookchallenge which consists in reading one book per week. Hashtags on Twitter or Instagram can show how many people have set a similar goal, which causes us to ignite the light of competition – if they can, why should I not be able to manage? This challenge is linked to the second point because reading books makes most of us great pleasure. Reach for your beloved genres or try new ones to find out what enjoys you!

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Stop promising

I do not know a person who would enjoy the fact that something did not work – nobody likes the failures. I am no exception, so this year I’m not going to promise pie in the sky. I’m trying to set only realistic goals that I will be able to keep.

They include further expansion of their linguistic abilities, slow weight loss (this year my next cousin’s wedding is here, so it’s a reliable motivator) and a change in culinary habits, plus a book challenge. These are not radical moves, so I will not put much effort into their fulfillment, and the effect will certainly be bolder than I expect.

Don’t be afraid to say “it’s enough.”

Believing in yourself and your goals is very important – I absorb it from every source available to make sure that everything I have thought I could achieve. But I am also pragmatic, which makes me able to say “enough” if I see that my effort for a long time has no effect.

Being aware of this is an ideal moment to verify your plans. By giving up on ineffective activities, we gain time for new ones, perhaps more developing ones, that have emerged on the horizon during the year. Besides, there is nothing wrong with saying “enough,” so absolutely do not give up as a failure, just a change for the better and let’s do our best to fulfill the next goal!

And that’s the secret of the successful goals achieving! And if there are these bad and sad forces, so that you can quickly deal with them! Smile, this sweet-child, who blaze even the most cloudy days. The excellent people around you who will give you reasons to be happy. Fulfill all your intended goals and dreams, health and perseverance.

5 Best Strategies For Achieving Your Goals!

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