Struggling To Get Things Done? Follow This Plan to Improve Your Productivity!

Many people find it difficult to keep track of everything they have do and often end up missing deadlines or completely forgetting what they had to do. It is hard for some people to stay as organized as others are. Maybe your life is simply too busy and haphazard for you to keep track of everything. However, this is nothing to lose sleep over. If you are finding it hard to get everything done on time here is a plan to help your improve your productivity.

Improve Your Productivity With Following Steps!

Set your daily, weekly schedule

This might seem a tedious chore but one you get into the habit of it, you will realize you can’t live without this time management. Every night before you go to sleep, make a list of things you want to accomplish the next day.

Don’t just make a mental list. You can make it on small diary you keep with you at all times or, even more convenient; you can make one on your smart phone.

Look at the list each morning and mark off the tasks one by one as you accomplish them. Whether its grocery shopping, doctor’s appointment, calling your mother or just a reminder to eat on time, this will give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day. This feeling will motivate you to continue with your schedule. If you are still unwilling to make a daily schedule, at least make a weekly one so you don’t forget the important things like birthdays and appointments.

Minimize distractions

Seemingly small distractions like Facebook notifications or traffic noise can greatly affect your productivity level.  When it is time to work, put up a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door and stay away from all social media. Keep your phone and laptop switched off if possible.

Hardest task first

Do the big, difficult tasks first so you can get them off your plate while you are still fresh. With those out of the way, everything else will seem much easier. Do those task first that are more important, or you might end up doing unimportant tasks and missing out on the major ones.

improve your productivity

Use productivity tools

Smartphones have made our lives easier so make use of that. Check your emails, make notes on Evernote and do your research, all on the go. Add reminders on your calendar to make sure you don’t miss anything. These small tips will go a long way in keeping you keep track of your time.

Productivity time

Some people are more productive at night and others in the morning.

Identify these periods and do your toughest, most important tasks then. At other times, relax and look after yourself.

It is also important to keep yourself from getting too tired or burning out.

If your schedule is still too busy for you to handle it alone, then learn to delegate tasks. It is not possible for one person to do everything. All these ideas will work but only if you are willing to give them a try.  

Struggling To Get Things Done? Follow This Plan to Improve Your Productivity!

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