Tips And Tools to Develop a Successful Marketing Strategy!

Marketing communication is a particular kind of information flow between the sender and the recipient. We can understand it as an “action during which a company delivers to different groups of recipient’s information about itself and its market offer.” It has a strong character, and its desired effect is, in fact, to draw certain attitudes from people to whom the message is directed.

In contrast to promoting, it is a two-way process.

What helps marketers building a successful marketing strategy?

A huge advantage for the marketers is the fact that the Internet is a medium for enforcement reception – requiring the full commitment of the recipient (as opposed to radio or television, because messages from these sources can be received in the course of performing other activities). Marketers can monitor the behavior of Internet users, which enables them to individualize information and track consumer response to the message.

The multimodality of a webcast is directly connected with the phenomenon of media convergence – the “flow of content between different media platforms, cooperation between various media industries and the migratory behavior of media consumers.”

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How does media convergence affect marketing?

It is somewhat the result of the digitization process which made the boundaries between the media less visible.

This phenomenon is clearly evident in the case of the press – currently, the majority of titles have online editions, which can be displayed on a computer, smartphone or tablet. It also increases the functionality of multiple devices, with which you can receive information transmitted through various channels.

While designing the content marketing strategy, we should aim at generating the sales leads – meaning persons who have left on a website, blog or through social networking site a trace in the form of personal data (e.g., registering an account at the online store). At first, we have to define who belongs to our audience and what needs to be done to reach these people. The easiest way to find it out is creating a persona:

Persona is a composite picture of the real people who buy, or might buy, products like the ones you market, based on what you’ve learned in direct interviews with real buyers

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Pro Tip!

Buffer has a perfect, complete guide to marketing personas. They provide a smart template for what should be included when creating a persona.

How to grab and hold visitors’ attention?

Follow these simple tips to make the visitors staying on your website longer:

  • The high quality and readability of the posted content may cause the change from a one-time visit into more frequent ones.
  • Remember about internal linking – always add some links to the other posts at your blog/website to attract visitors (it can also be a “related posts” plugin),
  • Encourage people to take action by writing smart CTA’s, e.g. for leaving comments or suggesting them reading other posts about the similar subjects,
  • Guarantee the visitors a wide range of contact details with the company by providing an email address and phone number, a contact form or instant messaging number and links to social network profiles.
  • Make your website fast – promise us, even a few seconds of delay can make the visitors decide to leave the site and look the answer elsewhere,

Marketing enables your business to stand out in the forefront out in front of the competitors.

In order to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to marketing, there are certain techniques and tools you can use to measure the success of your marketing campaign.

Managing a successful marketing campaign can be troublesome, it requires excellent organizational skills, advanced multi-tasking abilities and exceptional attention to details. As the projects pile up, we have to make sure that our company’s positive reputation won’t go to waste. We can either hire more employees or consultants, which may cause an opposite effect, introducing chaos and disagreement into our company, or we can look for a solution that will surely and swiftly streamline our operations and sort out all the work in our agency.

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This solution is, of course, appropriate software!


Our time tracking app will help you with the management of your company. The detailed reports on the tracked time will give you an insight into your team’s cooperation and progress on every project.

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Enterprise marketers turn to Contently for content marketing. This software is designed for creating, distributing and optimizing content. From one place you can manage all your content, streamline approval processes, and optimize every aspect of your content marketing.

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Last but not least. It is a powerful platform that lets users monitor all the elements significant to the success of their business. You can use it to create marketing strategies, as well as to improve existing marketing practices.


A few words to conclude…

The Internet makes it possible to transmit high-quality content in a direct and fast way that does not require high costs – thanks to it even the completely unknown brand can find the way to reach potential customers. Valuable content spread among Internet users with the strength of the virus. If their distribution is supported by activities in the field of SEO and social media marketing, brand success is almost guaranteed. That’s how to make a successful marketing strategy!

Check out also an inspiring article by Natalie Wilson, How To Create a Content Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Steps!


Tips And Tools to Develop a Successful Marketing Strategy!

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