It’s SEO Time: The Future of Author Authority

Google clearly promotes the pages full of valuable content. Here all it begins. Consequently, one of the ways to recognize them is measuring how users are engaged in the content. How much easier would it be for Google the self-recognition of who wrote the text, how author is respected among users. Google tries to measure it, rating the author authority. 

The Future of Author Authority

The popular tag rel=”author” is meaningful, but even more if the author authority level is related to the other media. There are some advices below – following them will let you get some points in Google’s eyes.

  • publish using your real name and surname – all the shorts and annonymous articles could not harmonize with your other contributions,
  • cross-link your social media profiles – eg. put on your LinkedIn links to your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. and vice versa,
  • link to your content through the social media – not only to the articles from your pages, but to the guest articles you contributed as well,
  • try to be an expert in your field – after Google announced its artificial inteligence in the searching alogorithm, it is noticed that the search engine knows what you’re writing about and how wide is the scope of your knowledge. It is not about creating unrelated content. Quite the opposite, all you contribute has to be related, because it gives you the long-tail of focus keywords assigned to you,
Author Authority
  • if you exhausted all the fields in which you are an expert, just try to go through them and validate your knowledge,
  • build your own loyal community – nothing will be more helpful than the circle of your fans. They are ready to share all your content regardless of platform types.
  • take part in the discussions about your subject and establish yourself as an expert,
  • don’t forget about all the offline chances – don’t think only about the online world, try to take part in industry conferences and share your knowledge and experience in public speeches. Your brand will profit with many valuable backlinks (it is often your name and surname) sooner or later,
  • take care of your image even when you don’t have the time to do it or, if you need it, hire a specialist to communicate for you and post to your social media channels.

Once more – don’t forget there is rel=”publisher” tag besides rel=”author”. It’s still supported by Google and or snippet authorship.

Author Authority

It’s SEO Time: The Future of Author Authority

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