3 Reasons Why Companies Should Use TC And Its Project Feature

Each of us knows someone who considers their time as priceless and tries to use it as effectively as possible. But it’s extremely tough to do it successfully, especially when we speak of work at one’s computer and “the noise on the Internet,” which tends to distract us from professional activities. Fortunately, there are tools, such as TimeCamp, which allow to effectively manage computer workflow.

Small Project Changes

History teaches us that reforms have driven the economic situation in a given country. One of the theories of a company management focuses on the continues small changes. Every manager, whether managing one’s own company or just daily routine, implements certain projects necessary to reach the next stages of their life cycle. If you want to change everything, you usually end up changing nothing. Therefore, the project approach is one of the most effective management methods. Also, you can set yourself the time to complete specific tasks, e. g., I will spend on average one hour a day over a file in my 8-hour working mode and not a minute longer.

Thanks to its internal reports, TimeCamp allows you to accurately measure the time spent on projects, even on specific websites or applications. Now, you will be able to determine the amount of time spent on your projects precisely.

Quick Start Of The Project

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The big advantage of TimeCamp (some statistics show that it’s the biggest one) is it having a desktop application that allows you to switch between projects in manual mode, which takes not more than half a second. Benefits of the project approach in TimeCamp are:

  • Maintenance-free operation in automatic mode, which tracks computer activities and requires no additional movements on our website; automation of action in the case of manual operation, which requires us only to switch between projects;
  • Multi-level nesting of projects, which allows one to consider any multi-stage task.

The Power Of Routine


Kathleen Vohs and a team from the University of Minnesota proved that making multiple choices reduces mental energy, even if these choices are down-to-earth and relatively pleasant. In order not to waste energy, it is advisable to simplify activities as much as possible, so that they become almost a routine. Without thinking about them, we will keep the power to introduce new ones.

The strength of TimeCamp lies primarily in the ability to determine the time spent on process implementation in a company. Processes differ from projects in that they concern permanent tasks, which have remained unchanged for a long time. For example, one of the company’s processes may be invoicing. If a company issues invoices manually with TimeCamp, it is able to calculate how much time it takes. However, if one uses its paid version, they can calculate how much time it has saved and whether this converts into software costs. The same practice, which is to make the mechanism more effective, even in much more complicated processes, will allow for speeding up work. All because time is one of the most important resources in every company.

3 Reasons Why Companies Should Use TC And Its Project Feature

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