B2B is dead! It’s time for H2H!

It’s hard to change the perception towards software companies. Most people treat employees of such teams like robots. But we are humans like everyone else. And we like to have fun. So with our new integration we want to present a new approach. According to Bryan Kramer, there is no more B2B or B2C. It’s #H2H. Human to Human.

Our aim is to show our fellows from Xero that the integration between our software is something more than just a technical thing. Assuming that even the busiest ones are still more people than robots, we want to enter the human element into this integration. So we decided to introduce ourselves. And send greetings across the whole globe. May sound like nothing special. But look what we did.

Human to Human

Even if you work in a team, everyone wants to be appreciated for their efforts. Everyone wants to be noticed as an individual. Being aware of this, we treated Xero team members personally. To show that everyone has an impact on the overall success.

Xero & TimeCamp

We address our message to each person working in Xero or connected with Xero we could reach. Their names got on our contact list. What was the reason? We wanted to know who send our greetings to.

We organized a photo shoot with our team. Everyone in the company, from our CEO to each department’s Specialist got involved. We took pictures on the street. We joked, laughed, we caught the attention. We simply had fun.

As a result, we created a gallery with our happy faces, saying hi to our fellows from Xero. Each person greeting a few people from their team and their close partners. Like Marlena, our Customer Care Assistant. Her greetings were sent to Ronan. We hope it will make him and his colleagues smile.

Check our gallery. We are very proud of it.

[gmedia id=4]

Teamwork pays off

We haven’t forgotten about the team aspect. In the end, teamwork leads us to the desired effect. Enables to accomplish the project. This is what our work is about.

The way we present a team effort and our sympathy towards Xero is a picture of us building a “XERO” name. Believe us or not, it was not as easy, as it looks like. We had to trust ourselves. We had to rely on one another. Especially people presenting letters “X” and “O”.

We tried to find the best background, so we made few trials. Just as people who check our software. Guess what? It was even more fun than the personal photo shoot. Thanks to this we could show real emotions, not some artificial smiles to the camera (who likes to pose for photos?).

With this action we showed the integration of our team. It has a meaning in order to the integration we make with Xero. But at the same time we treated each person as a pillar that supports the organization.

Relations with people are important. In every area. We should never forget about it. And this is the reason why #H2H approach has a bigger chance to survive.

B2B is dead! It’s time for H2H!

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