Top 5 Time Management Mistakes You’re Making

You love this new job of yours. You always dreamt of being in this position since being a teenager, and now after years of hard work and dedication, have finally achieved your goal. But is it your overexcitement or inability to handle panic situations that you are now unable to perform well in your job?

Your interview went well and you managed to impress your boss with your extraordinary communication skills and excellent achievements. But, now he seems displeased with your performance mainly because you are unable to meet deadlines and present your work on the right time.

Top 5 Time Management Mistakes You’re Making

Are you overwhelmed because of the place and environment? Have you not been able to keep yourself grounded? Or are you just lacking the ability for effective time management? Here are a few mistakes that you might be making that have brought you in such a position:

Failing to Keep a To-Do List:

With so many things to do on a daily basis, it is very likely to forget one or more of them if you don’t keep a to-do list. It is also possible that you resort to using abbreviations or short taglines in your list and might forget later what they meant.

This often leads you to skip the assigned task. It is not only important to set a to-do list but also to prioritize the items according to their importance or urgency.

time management mistakes

Not Being Able to Manage Distractions:

You must have enough will power to manage any distraction that can hinder your progress. You are really keen to watch that Chelsea match at 3 pm but have an important task to complete. Don’t let that match become a distraction instead, make it your motivation so you complete your work before time instead of delaying it.

 Taking on Too Much Work:

You are aware of your capabilities and how much work you can manage within a specific span of time.

Don’t take an amount of work that surpasses your ability to be complete it on time.

It is okay to say no at times. You can slow down your progress a bit and take some time out for a break or relaxation.

 Not Setting Any Goals or Targets:

You set a goal to work in this office and achieved it. Do you think that was enough?

After achieving a goal wasn’t it necessary to now set some higher goals for yourself to achieve.

Never stop at a particular point because it will affect your performance in a negative way. Keep setting targets that you need to achieve on daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. These will help you in staying motivated and working within the given time limit.

time management mistakes


It is not wise to act like a “Jack of all Trades” especially if you are not. It is okay to say no to certain things and do what you are best at. Make a priority list of your tasks and perform them by applying the one-at-a-time strategy.

The simplest way out from your time management problem is to install a time tracking software that will alert you of the deadlines approaching ahead and will help you in keeping a check on the time you are spending on a particular task. Work out the easiest and most effective strategies to overcome your mistakes and once again impress your boss with your talent that he didn’t fail to notice during your first meeting with him.

Top 5 Time Management Mistakes You’re Making

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