5 Time Management Skills To Master Before You’re 30

As we grow older, life becomes busier and more complicated. Our responsibilities increase and it can get quite stressful to manage everything efficiently without burning yourself out completely. To help you balance your work and personal life, there are certain time management skills you should master before you turn 30.

The sooner you turn these five skills into habits, the easier it will be for you to follow them. These time management skills are nothing complicated. They are simple so you can easily incorporate them into your lives.

5 Time Management Skills To Master Before You’re 30

Keep a schedule

This is one of the most common yet most important habits you need to cultivate. Some people like to keep a small diary with them at all time while other prefer noting everything down in their phones. Scheduling itself is not very hard.

The important part is to stay on track and not distracted by unnecessary things.

Make a schedule every night before bed. This way you will also be able to deal with the unexpected things that are bound to happen.

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The hard part comes first

It can be very tempting to start off your day with the easiest task. But it’s best get to get the difficult tasks out of the way so the rest of your day is easier.

Schedule the three most important tasks for the first half of the day and check them off.

Master this skill and your life go much more smoothly.

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Manage your correspondence

Most of us are glued to our emails nowadays but this can take away a lot of your precious time.

Fix specific times of day and respond to emails, letter and other forms of messages during those fixed times.

You can do this in the morning, noon and before you leave the office. This way you’ll be up to date with your emails and you won’t waste too much time over it. Often some of us tend to ignore personal messages due to time constraints. This will give you time to deal with your work and personal messages and emails.

Practice control

This is one of the most crucial time management skills you need to master. It can be very tempting and entertaining to check in on everyone’s photos from the weekend party for a quick break. But as you click through the pictures, time will slip by unnoticed and your 10 minute breaks will become a half hour or an entire hour that you wasted. Social media is one of the biggest distractions and it will require a lot of self-control for you to keep you social media limited.

Eventually, it will become easier to switch off the Facebook and Twitter notifications.

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This does not mean you cram all of your important work in one day.

It means giving equal importance to everything in your life and no prioritizing your work over your health or your loved ones. Each one is important and you need to decide how and when to devote your time to each.

5 Time Management Skills To Master Before You’re 30

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