5 Hot Time Management Tips for Self-Employed People!

Being self-employed is really time-consuming, and it can even be overwhelming at times, as you struggle to keep up with all the tasks you have. But with proper time management, you can work more efficiently, increase your productivity, and get the job done faster.

Today we present five best time management tips for self-employed! If you’re working on your own, earning money as a freelancer, don’t hesitate and implement them right now. Trust us; you’ll be impressed with the results!

5 Hot Time Management Tips for Self-Employed People!

Never Underestimate the Power of Time Tracking

When used properly, time tracking is a powerful tool that can help you monitor the time you spend on every task, identify the most time-consuming ones and group together similar tasks. Shifting from one task to another can be quite distracting, and it can ruin your concentration. If you do all similar tasks in one time block, you won’t have to change your mental gears constantly. All this can help you increase your productivity, reach your goals faster and work more efficiently.

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Manage Your Emails

You absolutely must learn to manage your emails efficiently. If you work on your PC, it is tempting to check for new emails constantly, but this is quite distracting, it can disrupt your workflow and damage your productivity, so you should only do this early in the morning or at the end of the workday. Another good idea is to create folders and categories in your inbox in order to sort everything better. Searching for an old email can be extremely time-consuming, but if you know where to look, you will save precious time. Use also the power of tools, the app market is full of email management tools, like Unroll.me or Hiver

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Use Technology to Your Advantage

Nowadays, there is an app for everything, and you can use them to enhance your time management abilities. You can create a comprehensive schedule using Google Calendar, store and sort out your scattered files on Dropbox or Google Drive, etc. There are many apps that can make the life of self-employed people easier. They can help you work smarter, not harder.

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Cut Social Media Time to an Absolute Minimum

Unless your work involves spending a lot of time on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you should avoid entering them at all. If you are not careful, you can spend way too much time there, and they can seriously lower your productivity. But even if you do work with social media sites, you should have some sort of protection, such as an app that helps you schedule your posts and facilitate your work.

Matching app: StayFocused or Freedom.io

Use Every Single Minute Wisely

All self-employed people have little pockets of time that seem unimportant, and people often fill them with Facebook or YouTube browsing. However, when you combine them all, it turns out that they can eat away a huge chunk of your workday, and you are wasting a massive amount of time. Use these little pockets of time wisely and don’t waste your time – they do make a difference.

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Follow these hot time management tips for self-employed and see for yourself that managing your own business doesn’t have to be as demanding as it seems to be!

5 Hot Time Management Tips for Self-Employed People!

2 thoughts on “5 Hot Time Management Tips for Self-Employed People!

  1. I am a busy body myself and I’ve been looking for ideas to efficiently manage my time. I agree that using technology (i.e. phone, computer) should make it easier for everyone. There are a lot of apps to help you arrange your meetings, appointments, and contacts that you can use. Thanks for the wonderful tips!

  2. Time is money and mange that properly is the key. we should have plan for that. very useful content. Thanks

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