15 Splendid Tools That Will Help You Manage Time


Hello! Yesterday we were presenting some of the applications designed to boost one’s productivity and help with time management, but we were focusing on the iPhone users.

Today’s post is more general – we made a research to offer you a list of 15 tools for time management that you can use on practically any device. We are aware of the fact that some of them are our competition, but we are not afraid of a healthy competition, aren’t we? =] That is why next to descriptions of our direct rivals (by this, we mean time tracking software – Toggl, Rescue Time, Due, Tick, and actiTIME) you will find links to the websites, where we compared the features of these programs with our TimeCamp.

Before we move on to the rest of the list, let us briefly describe our number one on every list with time management software – TimeCamp. 

What is the best time tracking software for Mac?

1. TimeCamp

Stands out from the competition thanks to the:

  • Wide range of platforms the tool is available for Desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux), broader extension and mobile app available for iOS and Android to help users track their time regardless of location,
  • The highest quality at best price,
  • Automatic time tracking based on keywords which allows you to switch between tasks without any effort,
  • The ability to set a time budget for each task to monitor team’s workflow,
  • Billing customers accurately thanks to the project’s budget tracking,
  • Turning time entries into invoices based on estimated hourly rates,
  • Both direct and Zapier integrations which include project management and accounting tools like Asana, Podio, Trello, Basecamp 3, Xero and many others.

You can compare TimeCamp with any time tracking software on the market, and you will notice that it wins on many levels. It is an advanced time-tracking app with plenty of other features like invoicing, reporting, or billing. It doesn’t matter if you are working as a freelancer or in a small, medium, or large company – TimeCamp is designed for every environment with its simple and easy to use interface. It can be implemented even in teams that have no previous experience with tracking time.

time tracking

TimeCamp is a great time management software with a considerable amount of features that will make both your work and house duties much easier.

Well, no more boasting =] You will find the list proper below:

2. Rescue Time

RescueTime is a web-based management and analytics tool designed to enhance one’s efficiency and productivity. It gives to its users an accurate picture of the time spent during the day, so they can plan their daily tasks more effectively.

RescueTime runs in the background of a computer or mobile device, tracking time spent on applications and websites. Then it provides detailed reports based on user’s activity. Users can set alerts to have a better control over their time, block distracting websites and check what they have managed to accomplish during the day.

This software is available in affordable price. It lacks a lot of important features, though. RescueTime does not provide budgeting or invoicing, it cannot be integrated with other tools, and there are not project dashboard, goals, and tags.


See the best RescueTime alternatives

3. Focus Booster

This tool was built around the pomodoro technique, which was developed to help people who have a tendency to procrastinate. Its primary goal is to help users focus on the task, without getting distracted. It should also remove the pressure and anxiety connected with our duties.

Great tool for everyone who easily gets distracted – not only it tracks the time spent on projects and tasks, but it also warns users once they start to procrastinate.


4. Toggl

One of the most well-known time tracking apps. It is well-developed, easy-to-use, and it offers a set of features facilitating time and work management. Huge number of small businesses and freelancers use Toggl to track time spent on projects and analyze it.

This cloud-based software comes with a variety of options like online and offline time tracking, charts displaying the time dedicated to particular tasks, clear and simple interface and much more.


See the comparison between Toggl & TimeCamp

5. Remember the Milk

As the name suggests, this app is about remembering about stuff. Milk is just an example of a dairy product from the shopping list but Remember the Milk lets us create all sorts of to-do lists, reminders, plans, tasks, etc.

Have all your plans under control – create tasks and break them into subtasks if necessary to have a better view over your daily, weekly or even monthly routine. You can add due dates, set priority, tag the most important activities and so forth. This tool should provide much help when it comes to sticking with your daily routine.

remember-the-milk-screen 6. Mind42

This app is a different approach to time management. Still, it is a useful one. Mind42 is a free online mind mapping software.  You install the software into your browser and you can use it to create mind maps which are a special form of a diagram or chart, where you can place all essential information connected to a particular topic and visually organize them.

Mind42 can also be used to create to-do lists, organize events, or brainstorm ideas with your team or friends. All your maps are private by default but you can choose to share them with others. Everything completely for free.

mind42-screen 7. Due

Due focuses on payments, including online invoicing, digital wallet, and credit card processing but it can also be used for time tracking. It is designed mostly for freelancers and small business owners. Due rises one’s productivity and increases the profitability of the project.

You can use Due to calculate how long each project takes and accurately bill your clients for it. Creating invoices with this tool is quite simple and intuitive. Also, you can determine the productivity and accuracy of time usage and reduce any human errors or mistakes that were common when using manual time tracking.


8. My Life Organized

Very well-thought tool through which users are able to create multiple tasks, divide them into subtasks and make dependencies between them. Not only this – they can also set reminders, set reminders, customize the task management system, and view the tasks in a hierarchical structure.

This hierarchy is what makes MLO unique. It automatically selects the tasks that users can or should do in a current moment and displays a list with all the priorities like importance, start date, and deadline considered. This way, users can immediately focus on the most urgent tasks. It can also send notifications based on the GPS (for example, when we are at the mall, MLO sends a shopping list to us).

mylifeorganized-screen 9. Nirvana

Nirvana is a cloud-based task manager. It helps you to choose the most important task you should be doing, get organized and stay organized while doing it.

It has some unique features like the ability to set your working place. For example, it will highlight the tasks connected to your home, once you set that you are at it. You can create reference lists, tag the most important information, filter your actions, search your files rapidly with the use of keywords, and much more.

nirvana-screen 10. Universal Password Manager

Nowadays we must be really careful with our passwords. Having a single one for every account can cause a disaster. Also, the longer and more complicated the password is, the better. But how are we supposed to remember all of these complex systems of signs? Well, with Universal Password Manager we do not have to.

It is a simple and fast tool that works on every platform. It allows us to store usernames, passwords, URLs and generic notes. Our database is encrypted and protected by one master password.

universalpasswordmanager-screen 11. Tick

Tick is a time tracking software that offers online time tracking and reporting services that are web-based or available through mobile and desktop applications. Tick can track time through a timer or manual entry, basing on clients, projects, and tasks.

Some of the features it provides are real-time budget tracking, manual time entries, timers, or report monitoring and exporting. After a user selects a project or a task, he or she just needs to press the button to start the time tracker. Also, time can be entered from anywhere, so the projects’ deadline and budget are under control.


12. Pocket

Pocket is a neat up that is designed to save, store, and recommend the most interesting content that we find on the web. Every time we find an article, movie or any other link worth checking but we do not have time at that moment, we can save it to Pocket for later use.

It synchronizes with the phone, tablet or computer, so we can read the saved content on any device. It has an elegant and clear interface that eases the reading, making it more enjoyable. We can also follow other Pocket users and view the content they shared, or share our own.

pocket-screen 13. actiTIME

actiTime is a web-based timesheet software with features that provide in accounting and management. It is designed for companies of any size and any business type. It allows users to register times off and sick leaves along with worked hours.

You can use it to generate customizable reports, make project assignments and estimates, issue invoices and much more. actiTime is being used by more than 9000 businesses in 70 countries helping them with their management and accounting needs.


14. Launchy

This free cross-platform software is supposed to help you boost your work on a computer. It is an open-source keystroke launcher that you can configure to open all the necessary files with simple key combinations. Launch documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes.  You will be able to finish your work much quicker.

launchy-screen 15. 1-3-5 List

This tool makes it easy to introduce some hierarchy into your daily routine. Prioritize the tasks by choosing one big thing, three medium things, and five small things to accomplish. Create a list or use a template and follow the 1-3-5 rule. Customize the lists to better suit them to your goals. The software works in a browser, so all you need to have is an internet connection.


15 Splendid Tools That Will Help You Manage Time

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