Time Off Tracking Software

Time tracking software is associated with tracking time at work. But besides tracking work hours, it can also be used for tracking time off at work. Since there is quite a number of such tools available on the market, it may be difficult to choose the right one. They all have different features and are aimed at different customers’ needs. One of such tools is TimeCamp. It is a simple time tracking software which measures hours spent on work. It helps to manage different tasks and projects, budget, or invoices. But not only. It also tracks time off.

Time Off Tracking Software

Time Off With TimeCamp

The idea of measuring time off in TimeCamp is really simple. It works exactly the same way as tracking work hours. Only with the exception of tracking time spent on activities different than work. Among the features for attendance tracking and time off there are:

  • attendance analysis;
  • tracking who is in and who is out at a given time;
  • tracking holidays, days off, etc.;
  • absence analysis;
  • start and finish work time analysis,
  • GPS tracking.

The advantage of time off tracking with TimeCamp is that the software does it automatically. It does not require manual actions since the app records every activity on its own. Moreover, in detailed reports, the user is able to see the hours when the work started and when it was finished. The same goes with time spent away from the computer. The app turns off automatically and stops measuring idle time. It is an easy and convenient solution, especially for people who tend to forget about little tasks. Also, thanks to TimeCamp it is easy to monitor how many hours per day/week/month/year was spent on work and non-work activities.

Reports And Invoicing In Time Off Tracking Software

Reports and invoicing are the features extremely important in tracking time off. And very often time tracking software does not allow for easy management of these. But with TimeCamp it has never been easier.


timecamp screenshot

With reports, it is easy to manage projects and tasks assigned to particular people. They present detailed information on how much time was spent on work by particular employees. Moreover, reports give an insight into how much time was devoted to working hours, and how much to the time off. It is all clear and easily accessible.

Check out TimeCamp’s guide to reports!


timecamp invoicing

When tracking work hours it is important to know which of them are billable or non-billable. TimeCamp allows creating invoices based on this feature. Thus, invoices are always accurate. And since the system tracks it all automatically, you don’t have to worry about any mistakes.

Check out TimeCamp’s guide to invoicing or watch the video tutorial below!

To Conclude

TimeCamp is a great tool for tracking time off. Not only does it monitor employees’ activities, but also allows for detailed analysis of the projects’ progress and the team’s effectiveness. Don’t waste your time anymore and register today to make your work more efficient!

Time Off Tracking Software

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