Time Reporting System

Time is precious. Especially in today’s world, where everything is fast and time-consuming. The problem of managing time is particularly evident when it comes to working. Many employees find it difficult to track hours spent on work and project managers are often too busy to regulate timetables of their subordinates. However, with the technological progress that offers many solutions, it is possible to automize the processes of measuring how we spend our time. 

Time Reporting System

One of many tools available on the market which measure how we spend our time is TimeCamp. It is an efficient time tracking software which tracks every activity of the user. But the main


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Timesheets are the main function of TimeCamp. They are available in the section with the same name – easily accessible from the control panel at the top of the browser. They present all data gathered by the app while tracking work hours, Timesheets show how much time was spent on particular activities with the precision of one second. Timesheets give a detailed insight into workers’ activities during work hours.

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Desktop App

TimeCamp has a desktop app which makes time tracking easy and efficient. The desktop app is nothing else but a little, green rectangle which does not block the view. It shows the type of activity performed and its time. From that panel you have an access to the dashboard and all information about the work on TimeCamp’s cloud. You can also set new tasks and manage those you currently work on. The desktop app is small but works a miracle!

Mobile App

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TimeCamp’s mobile app is another miracle. It is convenient when you have to take your work out and do not have an access to computer. It has a simple interface, shows types of activities carried out and does not distract you from tasks since it works in the background.

Reports in TimeCamp

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Reports are another useful function in TimeCamp. Essentially, they are the outcome of the timesheets, desktop and mobile app synchronizing with the server. They are created based on your work and contain all the information gathered from the above processes. Also, they are being generated in real-time, based on the tracked data, and they are very intuitive and readable. Reports can be generated based on different factors: people, tasks, projects, budget, and others. The options are wide. 

To Sum Up

There are many benefits resulting from using the features of TimeCamp described above. Most of all, they make the process of work smooth and easy.

Make sure to check TimeCamp’s superb potential and enhance your productivity for free!

Time Reporting System

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