Eliminate these 7 Time Thieves To Improve Your Time Management Skills!

The Earth is full of people who have the different approach to time management.  Because even a lack of a scheme is some way, except it isn’t covered by the rigid rules, and driven by the routine and adapted to the lifestyle. But at some point, we realize that if we get all the fleeting moments in one period, we could gain what we lack.

The reasons for losing time do not have to be as obvious as watching television, while in the background piles up a list of endless tasks. Time thieves lurk in small things that appear to be invisible, unaware, and seemingly home-grown. We are accustomed to them, not taking into account their negative impact – simply their existence becomes comfortable for us.

Be careful of these seven time thieves!

Lack of concentration

At least once a week I have a day when I feel a terrible headache while thinking of any activity related to my work.

And there’s the absolute lack of concentration, the constant scattering of trivial things, and the blind stare at the computer in the hope that I may succeed in writing something. This state is detrimental to my creativity because I am not capable of making any creative thought out of myself.

Where does the lack of concentration come from?

First thought – from overwork. But I am more inclined to think that we usually have too many things on our minds and we can’t put them into a single, common task program.

How do I fight this state? It is a difficult time to eliminate the thief, but it is not impossible to defeat him. You just have to accept that we are not always able to act 100% of our abilities – sometimes our brain needs to slow down a bit and then run at full speed again.

time thieves

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In the disorganization of everyday matters

It is often difficult for us to realize how much time we are wasting on making decisions.

This is because we live day by day, instead of setting out an action plan at least for the coming week. I’m still developing my planning skills, but I’m excited about the effects. For now, apps like Asana and Todoist help me, as well as ordinary sheets of paper, where I write down all the following things, and I’ll paint them with colored pens.

I also try to wake up to verify my plans for the following day – so that nothing can surprise me (at least not negatively).

red wall and shelf with dictionary

In poor communication

Recall – how often did you need to verify your plans just because someone misunderstood you?

I recently realized that it happened too often. That is why I have promised myself that all “controversial” issues will be dealt with even before the start of the task. It helps me save time lost due to disorganized work. Remote work is especially useful – I communicate with colleagues not only by phone but also by Slack, which allows not only general or private conversations but also file transfer.

man on the phone

In cats / dogs / chickens on the internet

Yes, I’m an Internet freak.

I love searching  for what interests me most. But often I get caught up in the fact that I do it at the same time that I should spend on work related activities. Being a social media specialist requires me to focus solely on what I want to publish, although I sometimes find myself in search of a gif that would perfectly reflect the thought I want to convey.

It is, therefore, best to limit the use of the Internet to only one device. When I use my computer, I turn off WiFi on my phone and vice versa – so I dissipate much less frequently.

dog inside a laptop

In the lack of assertiveness

One of the most dangerous time thieves is a lack of assertiveness.

It happens to us that we can’t say “no” when someone asks us something. We often lose the time that we could devote to fulfilling our duties and thus achieving our life goals. Lack of this skill often gives birth to disappointment as there is nothing more distressing when we see how someone at the expense of our weakness uses us to perform their duties.

Say NO. Do not be afraid to use this word! Let’s learn, although I know it’s hard to do it, to distinguish people who need help from the ones who are just using us. Only then will we be able to realize how intensely other people have interfered in our 24 hours.

notebooks and phone

In the lack of a life purpose

“Purpose” is a high-pitched word – we are often scared to use it because we think our daily affairs are too trivial to describe it as such. Nothing is more wrong – achieving goals helps us to discipline, motivate, and finally meet our goals!

  • Let’s learn to define short-term and long-term goals. Let us note them in the way that most suits us:
  • Let’s use a suitable application, e.g., MyFitnessPal to track progress in weight control,
  • Let’s observe and record the results on the sheets or in the notebook.

It can be extremely helpful to find a companion who has the same or similar goal. Sharing experiences improve motivation, helps maintain an adequate level of discipline, and provides many positive emotions such as the joy of progress.

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In the everyday obstacles

The obstacles appear when we want to keep the concentration on an equal level.

This is a co-worker who will come to talk only because he finished his task earlier than expected, noticing a new Facebook sticky, or overwhelming desire to drink coffee.

They make us lose our desire and enthusiasm to work, lose our mind, and return to it hard. In the fight against botherers, the fifth point, or assertiveness, is necessary. It is enough for a few times, in a transparent, yet sympathetic manner, to make people aware of our company that the time we spend on work is sacred.

This point is critical for individuals who work remotely in their home. I was fortunate that my parents always understood that at certain times I was not involved in cleaning the house or going out with a dog because I was at work. Now that I live alone, the number of bugs has decreased, but I have to fight my tendency to disorganize my work.

If any of these points sound familiar to you, it means that, like me, you are giving up time thieves. As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, they are familiar enough that we get used to them involuntarily and treat them as part of our daily routine. Only by eliminating them can we realize that we lose the lion’s share of the day in trifles.

Share with me what you’ve found the most difficult!

Eliminate these 7 Time Thieves To Improve Your Time Management Skills!

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