Is Time Tracker For You? It Surely Is.

It is not so easy to convince people to try time tracking software. Many still consider this software as a tool for invigilation. This article should provide some arguments for giving time tracking tools a try. We hope that after you get more familiar with our reasoning, you will be able to start treating time trackers as your friends. Because they are your friends, really!

In this article you will not find any technical features of time tracking like budgeting, invoicing, estimating costs or generating timesheets. Instead, we will focus on the users of time tracking software. The technical part is going to be covered in the next article about profits that come from using time trackers.

We shall describe the ways in which such software enhances users’ productivity and efficiency, drastically reducing the risk of engaging in an unproductive and time-consuming activities.

While writing about the advantages of using time trackers, we were obviously taking TimeCamp as an example. Everything that was described below can be achieved with the use of our time tracking software. If you don’t believe us,

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1. Clarity

First of all, with a desktop time tracker, you will have a firm grip on your daily performance. After a short analysis of the tracked activities, you will have a clear view of how much work you have managed to do, while at the same time you will see all the lapses and gaps that occurred during the day. With such clarity of information, you can focus on your strengths and try to eliminate the weaknesses.

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2. Control

You also have greater control over each task that you have to complete. Once you can identify the tasks that take too much of your time, you will be able to modify your workflow to adjust better to your schedule. For example, if a job takes too much of your time, you can divide it into multiple subtasks and complete each one per day. By knowing what is it exactly that you should do at given time, you will gain a better sense of purpose which should lead to an increase in your performance.


3. Say Goodbye to Procrastination

Many of the complaints concerning implementing time tracking in companies begin at the same source. The displeasure at the fact that there is no longer a possibility to check Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat (you name it, there are so many of them now) or any other time-consuming website or application. That is correct. We do not visit those pages because a time and productivity tracker would notice it and mark our work activity in color red – making it obvious that we were doing everything but working at that time.

Some people treat it as if part of their freedom was taken from them. But is it really? We must embrace the fact that while we are at work (at this may be a shocking revelation to some of you), we should be working! This is a simple truth that many tried to ignore. However, if we give it a deeper thought, we may come to a surprising realization. It does not matter whether we are working at the office, or at home. Even if nobody has any control over us and we can freely browse the internet, we must ask ourselves a question – is it worth it?

Because, honestly, what good does Facebook, Youtube or any other website offer? Well, of course, there is an enormous amount of valuable content to be found there. It is just that when we procrastinate, we are much more likely to chat with friends or watch funny videos, instead of doing anything productive. Doing so, we risk our position in a company or, as a freelancer, risk that we will cross the deadline and won’t receive money for the project or receive just a part of it. In other words, we kinda jeopardize our lives.

What is the purpose of time tracking?

Time tracking keeps us in check – if we tend to procrastinate, we are forced to stop (at least at work and in cases when we are paid by the hour and client expects timesheets). Thanks to it, we start to develop positive habits, and at the same time we get rid of those negative. To put it simply, we become more productive. In result, we have more time to chat with friends or watch funny videos by the end of the day, as the work is completed and there is no pressure. Also, there is not self-loathing attached to such activities. Isn’t it better? If you still have trouble trusting us, let’s move on to point no. 4.

4. Say Hello to a Better Life!

Here, we will discuss the outcome of adopting positive habits just to show you how much can be achieved with a simple time tracking software.

Let’s start at the office – being a typical office worker, you work 9 to 5, clock out, forget about it and go home. The problem is, many people tend to abuse their office time (we have mentioned that already), and so they spend like 5 hours working and the rest just goofing around. If you are a manager or a CEO, you can definitely imagine how the company suffers from such behavior. Implementing time tracking software will practically solve this problem and enhance your company’s performance by far.

As a regular employee who treats work seriously, you might have felt offended with our statement. If you are dedicated to your work, deliver the products and complete tasks on time, you won’t be happy about the implementation of time tracking software. You may feel like they want to spy on you. But think, what is wrong with it? Let’s say you have been waiting for a raise for a long time, but your applications were ignored, and the management consistently put your requests off. Time tracker puts and argument in your hand – timesheets are the proof of your dedication and effectiveness. Present them to the management, and they won’t be able to deny you a raise.

And if you are a freelancer, the list of positives is even longer. Firstly, you are more organized – you know how long particular tasks take, so you can better organize your daily, weekly, and monthly routine. Also, you don’t have problems with identifying the most important activities. Thus it is easier to define your goals. Once you adjust to time tracker and create new, productive habits, you will gain more free time (and most likely more money, because you will be able to complete an additional project or two) to spend in every way you like, be it family, hobbies, journeys – the choice is yours!


5. Summing Up

We have just named those advantages of time trackers that provide the biggest profits. To enumerate all of them, we would have to write a guidebook, instead of a blog entry -.^

Also, it is important to mention that this article is going to have a continuation, in which we will describe technical benefits of time trackers (like budgeting, invoicing, and more). Be sure not to miss it! And start those trackers! =]

Is Time Tracker For You? It Surely Is.

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