Time Tracking: How To Guide

What is Time Tracking?

If you are like most people, it can be hard to stay on task, and avoid wasting hours of your day on trivial tasks, while neglecting the truly important task. We all have our moments of spectacular productivity. But usually we fight to stop wasting time on anything from social media sites to minor tasks that are not vital to the overall project you are trying to work on. In this modern age of technology, there are several tools to help you stay on task, and complete your work efficiently. The most important of these tools is time tracking software.

Time tracking is essentially the ability keep a track of all of the hours that you are spending working on a particular task.

It sounds easy enough, but the implications that this kind of software can have on your productivity cannot be underestimated. In this time tracking how to guide, we will go through all of the ways that time tracking can used in order to boost your productivity, and make you more efficient in everything that you do.

Learn What You Are Spending Your Time On

One of the most effective benefits that time tracking has is when you first begin to use it. Most time tracking software tools will allow you to write a description of what you are going to accomplish in the time you are recording, and after a project, you are able to see what parts of the project took the longest, and which took the shortest time. With this information you can more accurately understand how long future projects may take, and where you may need to work more or less, depending on what you think.

Time tracking allows you to critically look at your own use of time and how it can be improved in the future.

How does time tracking software work?

Some time tracking software tools will show you on which activities you are spending your entire day. So, rather than turning on the software and recording the time manually yourself, these type of time trackers will how you spend your time on your computer. They can track the websites that you go to, and show you how much time you spent on them. In order to make the process even more streamlined, you can have certain websites be designated as “work” or “distractions”, and any other category that you can think of.

Send Accurate Invoices

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Time tracking will force you to be accountable for all of the hours that you work on a project, but it will also be used as a tool to more accurately charge your clients for your time and the finished product or service that you have rendered. You can use an attachment of the time recordings to your invoice and show your client exactly how much time it took to complete a task, and more accurately get paid for that time.

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Time Tracking: How To Guide

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