Time tracking software to help HR stay on top!

HR seems not to be liked, appreciated or even recognized by the employees as the important part of the company. Often thought of as incompetent, dishonest and too involved in company politics to be fair and objective, caring only for companies interests. This stereotype, that, by the way, in most cases is simply wrong, only shows how difficult this job can get. And a difficult job, that doesn’t generate revenue directly must operate smoothly and efficiently to prevent potential losses. One way to help your HR stay on top is by using a good time tracking software, especially nowadays, when everything in both our daily lives and business is going digital.

If you want to know:

  • Why does your HR team needs time tracking software?
  • What other features should a good time tracking software for HR have?
  • What are the best time tracking solutions for HR?

Don’t hesitate and read this article to make your HR more efficient than ever!

But why should you even bother with looking for a time tracking software?

The most significant reason is – because you don’t want to lose money.

time tracking software for HRYour HR department has to take care of so many things – starting with hiring, firing, payroll, benefits, and compensation through training, employee relations and finishing at making sure that all your policies and processes comply with labor law. No matter how small or big your company is, having some kind of HR solution is a must unless you are able to take care of every aspect mentioned below yourself, which is doubtful. The important thing is that when your HR is functioning incorrectly, the whole company suffers – job satisfaction decreases, job-related stress skyrockets, in turn causing productivity to drop and result in financial losses, as estimated for a company with 500 employees performing unproductive activities at work for just half an hour the loss might reach even a million dollars annually.

How can time tracking software help your HR?

Having this kind of software means having all of the important data in one place. Everything, including attendance, days off, holidays, vacations and remote work days, as well as payroll and the work schedule for the whole team. This will help your HR team to keep track of the things that need to be taken care of, without the unnecessary mess, so their works flow smoothly and effectively and the rest of your employees can focus on their work, not worry if the HR won’t lose their timecard, for instance.

What features to look for in a good time tracking software for HR?

time tracking software for hrAlways look for a free trial.

The tricky thing with software is that the experience with using it varies from person to person. The software you might love, your HR manager may hate, and the only way to really find out if a solution works well for your HR is to let them try it out.

Hassle-free time tracking

It’s crucial when it comes to good time tracking software. You invest in it, to save time, not waste it battling pop-up windows or any other inconveniences that may come with some time tracking solutions. There are time tracking tools that work seamlessly, and sometimes you don’t even have to remember to clock-in because it’s done automatically when you turn on your computer.

Mobile and desktop app

And when it comes to clocking in, it should be easy for all your employees. Especially if you have teams working in the field or simply employees that aren’t using computers in their work, it’s a big advantage of time tracking software to have both desktop and mobile app, to enable all of your workers to use clock-in clock-out system, no matter where they are and what devices are they using, and without the additional cost of buying special time tracking devices. With such a powerful tool in hand, you can throw these old timecards into the rubbish.

Attendance tracker

There is no good time tracking software for HR that doesn’t have attendance tracker. Having all of the attendance details of the employees in one place makes work of your HR team a million times easier. No need to dig through a stack of papers to find information about someone’s leave that was five months ago, just to see if his minimum annual leave is met or not; and it’s also simpler to estimate payroll.

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Timesheet approvals allow making sure that payroll and budget are accurate at the same time preventing any financial loss due to human mistakes.


Last, but definitely not least, payroll calculation should be simple with time tracking software, considering that most employees have their pays based on how many hours they’ve worked.

3 time tracking tools for HR that are worth checking out

There is no “one solution that fits them all”, and everything comes down to what you need from the time tracking software for your HR team and your business – it’s important to note that this kind of software is most useful for your HR when it’s used by all of your employees.

Here are three great examples of time tracking apps that are worth taking a closer look at.


Has most of the features needed for your HR team. You can seamlessly track time with desktop and mobile app (available both for Android and iOS), and attendance, allowing your employees to report sick leaves, remote work days and vacations, among many other day types.

Timesheet approval is also available, and although  TimeCamp doesn’t have a built-in payroll feature, you can use complementary the attendance module with billing rates to create an easy to use payroll system inside of TimeCamp.

Accessing all of the features mentioned above costs $7.50 per user per month, and of course, you can first try it out for 14 days for free.

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Another great software for HR teams is Harvest. It has almost all of the features necessary, it lacks only a simple payroll system and, unfortunately, the attendance tracker.

One of it’s biggest advantages is its ease of use – it’s very intuitive and user-friendly. However, also Harvest has its downsides being more expensive than the alternatives available on the market.

Having access to all of its features costs from $10.80 up to $12 per user per month.


Tracking time with Absence.io is effortless. Absence and employee vacation trackers are provided instead of an attendance tracker. The mobile app is available both on iOS and Android, so you can access it from the most popular devices.

The con of this software is that it doesn’t enable easy payroll calculating and timesheet approval. It also doesn’t have a desktop app, but it’s one of the biggest pros are its price and possibility of trying the software for a month for free.

Being the least expensive product on this list, it’s a great product for companies that don’t need as many additional features. Access to the features described above costs €3 per user per month, which is approximately $3.37 (at the time of writing this article).

Time tracking software for HR

To summarize:

Time tracking software along with other HR software is one of the tools that will help your HR be more efficient by making their job more automated and easier, which is extremely important nowadays. Every aspect of life and business is going digital – so why HR wouldn’t follow? However, with such a great variety of solutions on the market, it’s hard to recognize which features are really necessary, and which software to choose. Fortunately, many apps offer free trials, so before you buy, you can check it out.

What do you think of the tools mentioned in the article? Have you tried them? Are you using any of them in your company? Let us know in the comments 😉

Time tracking software to help HR stay on top!

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