Time Tracking Integrations: How It Can Be Useful To Project Managers?

For almost all the businesses, large or small, one of the most difficult task is to keep track project time of employee’s time. Keeping a track of time is one of the major aspects related to a business. Without proper time management, the 4P’s (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) of a business are affected negatively.

However, to counter these challenges, companies have revamped time tracking platforms to allow businesses to track time for every employee separately. Time tracking software such as Asana, Podio, Insightly, Quickbooks, Basecamp and Jira are built so corporations can balance their time management accordingly.

These integrations provide numerous benefits to the business overall. They are useful in keeping a record of the tasks assigned to an employee. This improves the organization’s workflow.

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The individual who uses these integrations to make sure all operations are dealt with properly is the ‘Project Manager’.

A project manager is an individual responsible for planning, time pertaining, organization, resource management and maintain discipline.

A project manager is directly connected to the subordinates and is accountable to assign and manage tasks of every employee. Further, we will shed light on the benefits of these integrations to a Project Manager.

In TimeCamp, projects are basically groups of tasks. From technical point of view, there are not many differences between projects and tasks, so we can also call them “level 1 tasks”. For example, you can create a project named after your client, to which you will later add multiple subtasks converting your business relations.

How time tracking integrations help a Project Manager?

Task Management

Time tracking integrations help to make tasks simpler endeavors. You can make different columns and divide departments. This will allow you to keep a track on each separate department. You will be notified when and task is complete. You can keep track of the progress of tasks.


Time tracking software allows you making timesheets. But how it is useful? This will allow you to keep track of the accurate pay of an employee, especially when hours are billed. You can keep track of the hours the employee worked and pay accordingly. Everybody are pleased – kill two birds with one stone!

Employee’s Focus

Time tracking software can alert the employee about deadlines of a task. This will allow the employees to be more focused on their work. They would not be indolent about a certain task. It’s really helpful especially when you want to increase their productivity – they know how much time they spend on various activities, so it’s easier to manage what they’re doing right now. 

Client Billing

If your business charges the clients based on time, time tracking software can help you bill the client accurately. This ensures customer loyalty. It’s connected with project budgeting – both sides know how much money they have to spend on each project. They can evaluate the progress of project implementation as well. 

Workflow and Costs:

You will have an overview of the workflow. You can show it to the owner to explain the efforts and time spent by the team without any misunderstandings. All is visible and accessible to all the people who are responsible for each project. 

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Moving on, we would describe some of these time tracking integrations and how they work.

Most Popular Time Tracking Integrations

  • Asana – Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams and managers to track and manage time of their business.
  • Podio – Podio is a cloud-based collaboration service which provides a platform to organize team and company communication.
  • Insightly – Insightly is a customer relationship and project management software to provide tracking of business workflow and cash flow.
  • Quickbooks – Quickbooks is an accounting software developed to provide the tracking of client bills and income of the business.
  • Basecamp – Basecamp is a web-based project-management tool to create timesheets and gain insight into team projects.
  • Jira – Jira is a time tracking software which allows project management and provides flexible solutions to team issues and project interruptions.

Do you want to learn more about TimeCamp integrations? Watch the video below!

PS. Happy to introduce two new powerful TimeCamp integrations: Monday.com and Zoho CRM!

Time Tracking Integrations: How It Can Be Useful To Project Managers?

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