Time Tracking Plugin for Chrome

What’s The Magic Behind Time Tracking Plugin?

Nowadays, time tracking is a very common thing. Some people love it, some hate it. Whereas for some employees it’s a nightmare, for others it’s a comfortable way of monitoring their own work. But the key to a successful time tracking is taking the most of a time tracking software. It means making use of the great features it gives its users. Some of them are little tricks but make work extremely efficient. One of them is time tracking plugin that works for the desktop app and web time tracker.

Why is it so useful? Because this type of a timer extension is small but convenient. In fact, all you have to do is to add it to your regular time tracking process and find out how your work changes for the better.

One of the features of most of the time tracking software are extensions and add-ons. One of them is time tracking plugin for Chrome. In this article, we’ll show you how using timer extension can boost your productivity in a simple way.

How to Use Time Tracking Plugin for Chrome?

TimeCamp offers a handy timer extension for Chrome, which doesn’t require much work. It’s worth mentioning that not every time tracking tool has this feature. This plugin allows you to track time to tasks on specific project management services directly, without the need to manually change between bookmarks in your web browser. Not every app can do this!

See the comparison between Toogl & TimeCamp

Using time tracking plugin for Chrome is really easy. All you need to do is to enable integrating the extension in the settings. Then, install the plugin, you will find it in Chrome Webstore. Now you can use the timer to track your work activities. You will see everything in timesheets.

The great things about the plugin is the fact that it automatically tracks tasks you perform on a certain card or task.

See the full tutorial in the video below!

Improve Your Work With Timer Extension!

Time tracking plugin for Chrome gives you even more data on all the things you spend your time on while working. Once you install it, you actually don’t have to do anything else but focus on your work.

Since the extension automatically tracks time of your tasks, you don’t have to switch between cards or projects. And all the data appears in your timesheet. You can analyze it and think about what should be improved. As simple as that!

Try it out if you’re one of those people who like to make life easier with little things. It doesn’t take any effort and brings great results and makes time tracking more effective.


Time Tracking Plugin for Chrome

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