How Can Time Tracking Software Save Your Time

We all know how important time is. It is a depletable resource, not a single second that we’ve wasted will ever be returned to us. And yet, we tend to waste it anyway. An ancient Greek philosopher, Theophratus, who lived almost 2500 years ago said – “Time is the most valuable thing that a man can spend.” How true is that? There are proofs that mankind tried to measure time thousands of years ago. Since our intelligence expanded, we have been trying to master the flow of time, bend it to our needs.

It’s very unlikely that we will ever be able to stop time, but we are getting better at managing it, also thanks to the development of technology. There are tricks that people use to do more in the lesser amount of time – they are multitasking (which we do not recommend, usually it only gets us more confused), speed reading, or use the options that most video players provide, to watch movies at double speed. There are plenty of methods to be found on the internet, for example, these 22 tips.

At TimeCamp we believe that a human being if properly guided can make use of his or her time even better. This belief is the main reason why we have created our time management software. We want to help our users to handle their time as efficiently as possible. As William Penn once said – “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” So, let’s talk about the way our time tracker can help you make a better use of your time!

Below is a list of 7 benefits that time tracker offers:

1.Gives a deeper insight into our activities.

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How often at the end of the day do you get this feeling that perhaps the work has been done, but it took too much of your time? With TimeCamp you can take a look at all the tasks you have been doing throughout the day and draw conclusions. The ability to have an insight into our daily routine is the first step to improving.

2. A weapon against procrastination.

How many smokers are trying to quit? And they are struggling. What often helps is the realization how much money they spend on cigarettes and how destructive it is to their health. There are various applications that can measure that. TimeCamp is an application that will show you how much time you have spent browsing websites that are useless. What is more, most of the times they aren’t even fun, you just watch them because there’s this tiny voice in your brain nagging you to procrastinate again and again. Once you see how much time you are spending on literally nothing, this shock may convince you to quit immediately.

3. Self-improvement

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Perhaps you are not a procrastinator; it’s just the pace of your work that steals your precious time. With a more efficient time management that TimeCamp offers you will be able to check and analyze your strong and weak points. Minimize the unwanted activities and focus on these that you are great with.

4. The helpful warden


Now, this may not be the most attractive asset of time tracker. Nevertheless, it is for your own good! TimeCamp is a freelancer’s friend, but regular workers who are sometimes forced to track time treat time trackers with hostility. Such attitude is simply wrong! We advise to look at it from the wider perspective – the truth is, that we are more reliable at work when we know that our boss may assess it. With time tracker our sluggishness, which is a self-sabotaging behavior and may end up with us getting fired, changes into productivity, which bring only benefits – we finish our tasks faster and more elaborately. Therefore, we make a positive impression and boost our chances to get a promotion.

5. Become a successful project manager

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A great leader must be able to steer his team into the right direction and appropriately cooperate with its members on the daily basis. TimeCamp provides detailed reports about our employees working hours and the progress they are making on the project. With such information we can easily delegate tasks to particular workers, track the project’s budget and decide about next steps in advance. Undoubtedly, this saves a lot of our time.

6. Safer and Simpler contact with customers.

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TimeCamp has an invoicing feature which allows you to easily export time entries into invoices and bill customers accurately. The invoice can also be generated from the scratch, and when they are done, you can send them straight to your clients. No negotiations over prices, no inadequacies or misunderstanding. This is an easy way to prove how reliable you are. Thanks to optional PayPal integration all payments can be managed automatically.

7. No need to limit the saving of your time solely to work.

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For those, who want to constantly keep track of their time, TimeCamp offers a version of our program for mobile phones, iPods, and systems based on Linux. You can monitor and analyze your activities wherever you are. With time tracking software not only you can organize your work but all of your daily activities.

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Summing up

We have packed into this list with as much information as we could to convince you that installing a time tracker on your devices is one of the best things you can do to save as much time as possible.

Just remember that work is not everything, so do it wisely, find the balance. TimeCamp may help you save hundreds of hours annually – invest them in yourself and your family.


How Can Time Tracking Software Save Your Time

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