IT Time Tracking Software – 5 Reasons It Is Useful For Your Company

Tracking of employee time can be very difficult in the IT field (Information Technology). The growing use of the internet has led to a rise in the number of IT and IT-enabled services industries. Lack of proper use of time – whether by employers or employees – can be highly destructive for the productivity and growth of an IT organization. The use of IT time tracker can be very useful for this reason.

Why is time tracking important?

Time tracking apps can easily keep track of the time that is invested on various projects. For employees who need to work on 2 – 5 projects every day, time trackers can be very useful.

Whether it comes to billable projects or any other projects, this software can be essential.

As the name suggests, these can be run easily from the desktop itself with one or two clicks.

Backing up data

Keeping a backup of essential pieces of information is very important and often difficult, considering the system crashes, internet connection failure, system errors and other problems that are common in IT offices. With the help of time trackers, you can easily keep your data stored on secure servers – such as on the Cloud. You can export all important data to Microsoft Excel, in CSV format or in any other form.

Tracking of all official times

With the aid of time management software, you can track as well as manage the time of your workers as well as keep record of the same.

You can find out when your employees enter and leave offices, how long they stay online, their activities in real-time, keep note of sick time, vacation time and festive periods and more.

Complete management of time is possible with the help of such software.

Sending and receiving automatic reminders

You can also get automatic reminders from these apps about tasks left incomplete, employees turning up late, time left for completing pending projects and more. Rather than informing your workers constantly about all these personally, you can smartly choose to forward the reminders to the concerned employees via the software. This helps in efficient management of your workplace.

Switching between tasks and projects


These apps can also be used for switching between tasks and projects, and getting information about specific ones without having to waste a lot of time in the process. By typing in specific keywords, such as project or task names or even client names, you can get all relevant details.

IT Time Tracking Software – 5 Reasons It Is Useful For Your Company

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