Everything You Need to Know About Timekeeping Apps for Employees


Time Keeper for Employees

Timekeeper brings to mind a stopwatch used in sports or a person who records time during various games. But in the business world, it’s common to use timekeeping app for employees to track their attendance, leaves, and manage payroll. In other words, it can be called time tracking.

In today’s world, when in our work we are surrounded by information and when, in most cases, that information is necessary to keep our company alive, many organizations decide to implement software which serves as a database storage and management system. At the same time, it eliminates the need to use many tools. It’s also accessible for every employee, which enables them to have insight into company’s data. And one of such tools is time tracking software.

While such an app can have many ways of application in the workplace, the most common is using it as a timekeeping app for employees. What it means is that employees use it to track their work hours, billable and non-billable, they can measure their productivity and Project Managers can see the overall progress of tasks and projects, budget, and they can manage payroll or attendance.

Using timekeeping app for employees automates work and makes it easier to manage a team on many levels. It helps not only to track time and monitor the overall performance of employees. It also makes it easier for different departments to collaborate and exchange information.


Timekeeping App for Employees – Myths Debunked


Despite a popular belief, time tracking is not about spying on employees. But that’s not all; there are many myths about using time keeper for employees. And not even one of them is true:

  • it’s difficult to use – most, if not all tools are intuitive, with a friendly interface, and don’t require any tutorial; all you have to do is start using it and the rest comes easy.
  • expensive – some of the time tracking software is completely free. You usually have to pay for larger teams but even then, it’s still not expensive and worth investing in.
  • using timekeeping app for employees slows work down – quite the opposite, it enhances processes and makes work faster.
  • it’s all about micromanagement – it’s true that such software provides lots of detailed information and statistics. But this information is there to help make better, smarter decisions.




It’s not true that time tracking is unnecessary and it takes a lot of time. On the contrary, it’s used to save time and make a better use of your work hours, to make you more productive.

But above all, the data shows that the more productive people are, the less they need to work. And productivity can be achieved only with the use of tools which measure employee’s efficiency at work.


How to Choose The Best Timekeeping App?

Many people don’t know how many things can be done with time tracking software. The list is very long and features of such tools may vary depending on which app you use.

However, it’s best to choose this timekeeping app for employees which provides not only basic features such as time tracking but also the more extensive ones; just in case you decide to use more components.

One of the best time keepers for employees is TimeCamp since it includes all the basic and extensive features. Here’s what benefits you gain with TimeCamp:

Automatic Time Tracking

Thanks to TimeCamp’s desktop app, you don’t have to manually enter time spent on activities or switch between different apps. All you have to do is turn on the app and do your job.

The desktop app gathers all the data for you as it works in the background. If you want, you can change your tasks in the app manually. And the best part is that the app is in the shape of a small, green stripe which you can locate wherever you want on your screen. It’s also hardly visible so it doesn’t disturb you during work.

timecamp app

Billable and Non-billable Hours

Not all tracked hours are billable. You can use time entries to bill your clients or to measure project profitability. Track how many billable hours people work on paid project, and how many hours are spent on non-billable projects or other work. It’s simple. Employees can log their work hours so that you can pay them for the hours worked at the end of the month.


The desktop app automatically gathers data on your work which you can later see in the form of reports. Reports allow you to see how much time you and your employees spent on particular activities. You can also use built-in tracker to track your time and know where the time goes.

timecamp timesheet


In TimeCamp you can quickly create professional looking invoices and send them straight away to your clients.

You can either create your own invoice or have automatic invoicing based on tracked hours. Include billable and non-billable hours for a more detailed document so that your client knows where all the time went.


Timesheets are painful and most people don’t like them. If you’re looking for timekeeping app for employees with the feature of timesheets, TimeCamp has what you’re looking for.

TimeCamp has daily and weekly graphical timesheet integrated with a calendar. You can appoint one person to approve timesheets to keep things organized and avoid chaos.

timecamp timesheet

Integrations and GPS tracking

With over 50 integrations with tools such as Trello, Asana, Basecamp, Evernote, and more, your employees can work seamlessly between many apps.


With TimeCamp as your timekeeping app for employees, your organization can easily micromanage. As mentioned previously, micromanagement can help you as an employer, Project Manager or even a team member to make better decisions.

But micromanagement is what all organizations need because it helps in 5 crucial aspects important in proper team management:

  1. Attendance management
  2. Payroll
  3. Workflow management
  4. Budget control
  5. Resource allocation



⇓ Watch our short video tutorial to see how TimeCamp works 


What Are The Pros And Cons of Using Timekeeping App?


Using timekeeping app has only benefits. It not only automates work and all processes in the organization but allows you to see what are the estimates and the actual hours and costs spent on a project. It’s a fantastic tool to help increase profitability, accountability, and productivity.

Of course, implementing time tracking software may go wrong and then everything turns into chaos and people see and experience only negative sides of the process. But it’s important to guide people through this process diligently to provide the best results.

Don’t forget that a good time keeper for employees should be a tool with the features that precisely correspond to your organization’s profile and business needs.

So remember, the right process and personalized components are decisive in successful time tracking.



Everything You Need to Know About Timekeeping Apps for Employees

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