Best to do list templates and tips to get your work and life organized!

Have you ever tried to organize your daily tasks with to-do list templates? It’s much easier to maintain than writing everything down on post-it notes. Especially now, when online solutions became more popular, we can keep track of tasks using an easily accessible mobile app.

👉 Why use to do list templates?

✅ Personal usage

Even if we prefer creative chaos, we sometimes feel the urge to organize various things. We make a to-do list while packing for a business trip or a journey with family members, write down things to buy before going for groceries or the chores and ideas for the next few days – to make sure we won’t forget any of them.

However, some of us prefer a more organized lifestyle. They plan the entire week, treating each issue as a separate project with tasks. It seems quite a business-like approach, but let’s face it – we all are the managers of our own lives ;).

No matter the lifestyle you maintain, it’s good to help yourself a little bit. Instead of writing down all the plans and ideas on post-it notes, why not use a hand or ready-made template? They not only save time but provide us with a completed yet simple to do list that helps us schedule manage daily assignments efficiently.

✅ Business usage

Well-performing teams take care of the proper project and task tracking. But instead of producing piles of paper, smart companies decide to go paperless and implement online solutions.

In this case, they choose task management apps that work as to do list templates. They work in the cloud (enterprises often choose private cloud implementation or a self-hosted server) and are easily accessible for each team member. These tools are also available for mobile, so users can keep track of their task list no matter where they are.

Managing a team, maintaining a task list online is just much easier. You can assign people to particular tasks with few clicks, set task duration, due date, and add attachments.


👉 How to organize tasks?

We all maintain different workflows and have various needs and expectations. That’s why hard to say there’s one way of task management that will suit everyone. Before choosing the definite one, it’s good to give others a try, to find out we’d made a good choice. In the end, it’s easier to get more done when using a tool that suits us well ;).

So, what are the best ways to create a top-notch and highly organized to-do list?

  • Use your manual skills – perfect for there who prefer scratching the task off the paper and are familiar with crafting. To prepare a DIY task list, take a piece of paper and draw columns with task name, due date (or duration), priority, and for checkbox, eventually, a place for progress and status notes. Customize the template as you wish with a preferred format. Create a daily, weekly, or monthly one. Feel free to use your imagination if you’re in a mood for releasing your artist’s soul. You can, e.g., use different patterns for each week, month or occasion,
  • Printable checklist template – if you prefer ready-made solutions, you can find many printable list templates online. Thankfully, it’s not hard to find a decent but free daily to do list template; however, these fancier usually require a download fee. While looking for, try to find these in PDF format to make sure they’ll look the same when printed as the digital version when you download and print them. These templates can be fancy ones or simple Excel or Word files,
  • Planner – if you want to keep each task list in one place, I recommend choosing a book-shaped planner. It can be a calendar or notepad-like, with predefined dates or an entirely blank one,
  • Spreadsheet – for those who prefer more traditional solutions. It seems to be quite outdated, but the good, old Excel or Google spreadsheets still work well when dealing with lots of different tasks,
  • to-do list apps – perfect for individual use or for your team to keep an eye on the business. They help you keep track of your tasks automatically. Using such an app, you create a list and an entry for each task and then set details like due dates, descriptions, or priorities. With a single click, managers can assign the right people to particular entries. Most of the tools offer a drag and drop feature, so you can freely customize the list. These apps, even the basic ones, are mostly available for web, desktop, and mobile, so you can choose how you want to manage the to-do list that suits you and your lifestyle the most.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to manage everyday tasks successfully. No matter which you’ll choose, you can be sure you’re on the right track to declutter your life and organize the chores.

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👉 Where can I find to do list templates?

Luckily, the Internet is full of ready-made, printable to do list templates and inspirations for those who want to prepare one from scratch.

✅ Vertex42 To do Lists

“For people who want to get more done.”


vertex42 to-do list templates

Vertex42 has been provided its users with spreadsheet templates, calculators, and calendars since 2003. Their documents are available for Microsoft Excel, Open Office, and Google Sheets as well. They also offer comprehensive Excel support, such as tutorials for various advancement levels.

They also offer many free to do list templates. All of them are printable and ready to download in PDF or Spreadsheet format. Here, you’ll find simple yet complete task lists for both personal (and family) and business purposes in the article. Some of them are prioritized, other work as goal trackers. There are also task list templates that use popular management methods, like SMART analysis, Gantt charts, or Kanban boards.

As I mentioned before, all list templates are free to use. Download, print them and enjoy streamlined pen and paper task management.

✅ Microsoft Office Templates

Simple yet complete lists we all know from Office usage


microsoft to-do list templates

Some of us would say it’s not rocket science to create a to do list in Excel or Word. However, if you’re not into these tools or don’t want to waste time making one from scratch, you can find the ready-made templates in the Microsoft Office marketplace.

On this page, you’ll find various types of lists:

  • occasion or purpose-related checklists,
  • shopping lists,
  • event trackers,
  • family chore charts and more.

All of the templates are printable and use conditional formatting. Download and customize them to keep track of your action items effortlessly.

Most of them are free; however, there’s also a premium section available for Microsoft 365 subscribers.


For those who want not only accessible but also fine templates


onplanners to-do list templates

OnPlanners offer a wide range of weekly to do list templates and daily planners or family chores charts. You can use them for multiple purposes – from organizing daily family chores to write down plans for the next week. In case you’re more into detailed planning, they also offer daily to do list templates. Maybe the collection isn’t big, but they’re definitely fancy!

OnPlanners templates are free; however, before download, they require giving them an email address.

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✅ Printsberry

A variety of to-do lists to make sure you get done your tasks


printsberry to-do list templates

Printsberry offers a wide range of planner templates. Whether you have to manage family-related issues, plan the events, or create a pre-trip checklist, their printable to-do list templates will help you get everything done. Some of the templates are prioritized; others have just one column per day.

Except for weekly to do lists, you’ll also find a daily task list template and family chores charts. All of them are available to download in PDF format and printable; you can also customize their formats, like choosing A4, Letter, or Filofax.

Free versions are watermarked, so if you want to get a clear one, you have to pay a small fee. However, they offer affordable packages in their marketplace, like 15 items for the price of 3.

101 Planners

A variety of customizable to do list templates


101planners to-do list template

101 Planners is something more than a usual list of task and checklist templates. It’s a to do list template creator that allows you to customize your favorite one. First, you have to choose a template (like several columns, background, checklist, the first day of the week, etc.).

Then, you can add your own text or edit the existing one to devote each column to a particular purpose, e.g., name of the task, notes for progress checking, due dates, etc. Once the weekly or daily to do list template is made, you can download it in, e.g., PNG or PDF format and print.

All the templates are free to use – download them for digital use or print straight from the website.


Get a to do list template to declutter your life


templatelab to-do list template

Templatelab offers an extensive list of 47 to do list templates to get your life a little more organized. Most of them are blank, but you can also find some prepared with a certain purpose, e.g., a wedding or Christmas to do list. They’re perfect for those who want to keep track of their assignments using spreadsheets.

These templates aren’t customizable, but they are printable (ready to download in spreadsheet format). They’re free; however, before downloading process has started, a Google Ad was displayed.

✅ Templates by Canva

Free to use templates by popular graphic design platform


canva to-do list template

Many of us use Canva every day. Its uncomplicated yet intuitive interface and wide range of different graphic resources help us streamline the simple content design. Good to know this platform also offers to do list templates, such as weekly to do list templates and checklists for various purposes. What’s more, you can also create your own one, using the familiar Canva creator.

Like most of the resources, Canva to do list templates are free to use.


For those who prefer online solutions


miro to do list app

Miro is an online, collaborative whiteboard platform especially for teams; however, individuals should also benefit from using it. Except for a user-friendly, rich, packed app that you can download for your computer or smartphone, it also offers a wide range of templates that streamline the tool usage. So, if you’re eco-friendly and want to go paperless, give Miro a try – the to do list template is included in its free plan.

✅ Todoist

To do list app we all know about


todoist to do list app

When thinking about personal or business to do list apps, Todoist is the most often a first choice. The tool works as a checklist template itself and helps you make sure your tasks are perfectly organized. Use its web version or download a desktop app; it also offers a mobile one for those who want to manage daily and weekly assignments no matter where they are. Set a priority, add notes for better transparency, check the progress, and mark tasks when completed.

If you need a little bit of help with setup, you can use a template from a long list the tool offers. What’s particularly good, they’re all available in a free Todoist plan.

Remember that you can track time for your to-do list with our Todoist integration!

✅ Weje To-Do lists and checklists

To-Dos and checklists for teams and solo users

Weje is a free online workspace enhanced with options for team collaboration. It has a templates library where users can pick up some ready-made patterns, like Kanbans or SWOT, fill them in, and share them with co-workers. It’s also possible to start with a blank online canvas and supply it with information using cards. For example, one can create a To-Do list containing distinct cards for tasks’ details, priority, and notes. All related information can be uploaded or inserted in the list straight from the Web, and it’s also possible to draw, put online sticky notes, and leave comments for collaborators in a To-Do.

✅ MasterBundles Planner Templates

The huge selection of a wide variety of products, helpful guides and interesting articles make MasterBundles one of the best marketplaces on the entire digital marketplace. Here you will find hundreds of solutions for different projects. These include presentations, logo and templates, font packages, illustrations, icons, cliparts, etc.

MasterBundles planner templates are only high quality solutions which can help you organize the work correctly. If you are looking for products that are ready for full customization or you need a printed planner version, then refer to this digital marketplace.

A daily, weekly or even monthly planner can be used for different purposes. A wide variety of designs that start from eye-catching visuals for those who enjoy creativity to a calm minimalist style. A huge advantage is that everything is already done for you. You just need to fill in the template and start doing your business. So, browse an amazing planner templates collection by MasterBundles and implement all your ideas into life.



At, all templates are editable to meet your needs and printable for immediate use. You can download blank or premade designs for inventory, personal or work related to-do lists, tasks, checklists, price lists, posters, and more that are Excel, Sheets, or Numbers compatible. These templates are available in the free version. 

No matter you’re more into offline or online solutions, having a good checklist template is a must-have when it comes to efficient task tracking. Luckily, the market is full of free printable to do list templates and online apps that are a huge help in proper work and private life organization. Choose your favorite way and enjoy getting more done in no time!

Best to do list templates and tips to get your work and life organized!

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