Top 10 Project Management Blogs You Should Follow


Why You Should Read Blogs for Project Managers


Every person who is in charge of a project or a team knows how important it is to always stay on top of your work. In order to do that and never fall out of market, it’s important to constantly follow the latest trends. One of the best ways to do so is to follow blogs and websites dedicated to project management.

Being a project manager is a demanding task in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why broadening your knowledge is crucial to developing skills needed to keep up with all the work. When you read, you not only spend your free time in a productive way but you also learn new things and get inspired. As a result, you are more likely to come up with new ideas and solutions to problems you’re facing in project management.

Take a look at this list of top 10 project management blogs you should follow!


#1 Project Manager

ProjectManager, in general, is a project management software. As they say, their blog is “your best source for advice, tips and strategy from leading management and leadership experts to help you successfully manage projects, lead teams and be more productive.”

The blog contains articles helpful in the work of a project manager. Additionally, you will find there interesting training videos, templates, and guides.



#2 Project Management Tips

As the name suggests, this blog is full of tips on project management and all aspects of it.

It is a great blog for project managers looking for bits of advice and resources gathered from different sources.



#3 MindTools

A fantastic platform for people who not only seek to become a great leader or project manager but who are working hard on excelling their inner obstacles which are on the way to self-development.

MindTools offers a variety of toolkits including time management, team, project and stress management, or leadership skills to name just a few. It is also a suitable platform for beginners as it contains lots of basic information on how to be a good project manager.



#4 A Girl’s Guide to Project Management

Created by Elizabeth Harrin, A Girl’s Guide to Project Management is the perfect knowledge base for any woman (and not only!) thirsty for learning how to be a good team manager, get things done, and build a career of a successful project manager.

On her blog, Elizabeth also posts reviews of books, project management software and gives a lot of helpful information on project management certifications, approaches, methods and training options.



Did you know?

Elizabeth Harrin was a guest on our podcast Stay on Top of Your Work. Make sure to check it out here!


#5 The Lazy Project Manager

This one is a fantastic alternative to traditional concepts, ideas, and methodologies of project management. On his blog and website, Peter Taylor writes about “productive laziness” and teaches how to work smarter, not harder.

You can also listen to his podcast to get interesting insights into the work and life of a lazy project manager.



#6 Herding Cats

Glen Alleman is one of the experts in the field of project management. No matter if you are beginning your career as a project manager or are a veteran, you can learn great things from Glen. His deep knowledge of project management can be of great value.


Glen was also a guest on our podcast, Stay on Top of Your Work, #3 episode, in which he shared his experience and great pieces of advice.


#7 pmStudent

Despite the name, this blog is for every project manager. Margaret Meloni is the pmStudent community leader. The website is full of helpful and inspiring articles on project management and leadership.


Margaret Meloni was guest on #7 episode of Stay on Top of Your Work podcast, in which she talked about how to be a good leader and project manager.


#8 Susanne Madsen

The author of The Project Management Coaching book and The Power of Project Leadership, Susanne Madsen gives insightful and inspiring thoughts on what does it mean to be a project manager.

She writes on different categories so every project manager and a leader will find something interesting to read.


Listen to #8 episode of Stay on Top of Your Work podcast to find out secrets behind Susanne’s work!


#9 drunkenpm

If you’re interested mostly in scrum or agile project management, this blog is the perfect match! Its author, J. David Prior, gives sharp and smart observations.

You can also listen to drunkenpm radio podcast, published on his website, to get inspired and learn new things. Prior has many interesting, experienced, and inspiring guests.



#10 TimeCamp

You didn’t think we would skip this one, did you? While we’re not specifically focused on project management, we know the difficulties of it, and of all aspects related to it. If you’re looking for tips and tools to help you in time management, check our articles!

#11 ProjectCubicle provides practical solutions, tutorials, articles, and templates to help you manage your projects more successfully. It is a community, for experts in all industries. PMP certification training notes and articles about Primavera P6, Project Management and Contract Management help you to recognize the essential skills that you need to excel in your management career.

Top 10 Project Management Blogs You Should Follow

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  1. I find your opinion quite interesting, I tried iLearnPM classes and it’s really helpful for PMP Certification Exam

    1. Glad it worked for you, Harry! On our list, we included the most popular PM blogs to help people develop their skills 😉

  2. Great information. Since last week, I am gathering details about project management experience. There are some amazing details on your blog which I didn’t know. Thanks.

  3. Great information. I am collecting details about project management experience. There are some amazing details on your blog which I didn’t know. Thanks and keep it up!!

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  5. Girls Guide is a great blog for project management and I also want to include Proggio blog. Thanks for the article

  6. thanks!! High quality these may be as I have come across “A Girl’s Guide to Project Management”. surely I will go through others soon…
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