The Top 3 Trends of Business World in 2018



Business World in 2018

The year 2017 is long gone. It has brought many changes and new concepts into our lives. And as the years pass and some of these concepts stay with us, other disappear or blear when new trends appear. Every year brings new, often undiscovered notions, theories, or ideas. Let’s see what are the top 3 predicted trends of the business world in 2018.

#1 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

For the last year, there has been an intense debate over the Artificial Intelligence. While some believe that someday it will take over our world, others have more sensible and logical approach. Artificial Intelligence does not pose a threat to work communities and varied positions in the business world.  it works in a completely opposite way. It helps to make work smooth and easy. It also automizes performing daily, repeating tasks.

“Leading companies are embracing AI to perform repeatable, redundant tasks and to process large amounts of data not to avoid human interaction, but to enrich it.  AI is becoming the norm for many practical consumer experiences (…).” – Ian Altman, contributor at Forbes

AI is making the business world open to technological changes. There are many functions in which AI can be extremely helpful. It already works as a virtual assistant on many platforms and it’s worth to stay open to the little miracles it can do for a company. It not only aids in business management but also makes team’s work more productive.

#2 Blockchain Technology

One of the fast-growing trends of 2017 were cryptocurrencies. They can be defined as electronic monetary instruments. Although they were supposed to be used only for making anonymous payments, public opinion accepted them as the fast but risky way for multiplying assets.

And this is one of the examples of using recently established blockchain technology. It’s a decentralized information system of blocks cooperating and combined with each other. Not going deep into technical details, only advantages of this solution can be observed as well as the perspective of this modern technology development in many business areas. Its appliance depends only on its users (accounting history, bilateral transactions, records of securities). And for many companies, it can surely be useful because of its transparency, accessibility, and the lack of control of the government over it. Everyone who is on the internet can use it anonymously. It’s impossible to track history and a total security is kept. That is due to its decentralization – the system is more resistant to cyber attacks.

Thus, blockchain technology is definitely among top 3 business trends of 2018.

#3 Millennials and Generation Z

Over the past decade, Millennials have been in the center of attention. There were many controversies over their attitude towards the world, especially towards business world. Not anymore! And here’s why.

Generation Z, those born after the generation of Millennials, are slowly entering the market. And when in the past questions raised over how Millennials will cope with the harsh world of business, employers now have to learn about Generation Z and their attitude, customs, and work perception. Z’s are children born in the era of highly developed technology. They don’t know the world from the era of no internet when access to many things and information wasn’t available to everyone and people were looking into books instead of into smartphones. They live in the world in which they can have everything within their reach. A very interesting aspect of Generation Z entering the business world is that Millennials will manage their work. Certainly, this business trend of 2018 won’t be left unnoticed as it will have a great impact on the business world.

Make Room for Changes!



Business trends often change, as it is in case of any other areas. And in the business world, it is extremely important to be flexible to those trends. Without the openness to change and new things, a company will not achieve success. If you want to stay on top of things, work, and business trends, you need to adjust to them.

Always stay on top of business trends and let TimeCamp help you in keeping a hand on work. Follow our blog for interesting content and get new ideas for 2018 every day!


The Top 3 Trends of Business World in 2018

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  1. It’s hard to please the Generation Z members, that’s why it’s good to learn about their habits and consuming decisions. Thanks for collecting these business trends Kate!

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