Top 5 Integrations for Easy Time Tracking

Why Use Integrations for Time Tracking?

Integrations are there to enhance our work. They help us in our daily tasks, in better project management, they boost our productivity, and overall, make work bearable. When used with time tracking software, they can bring amazing results to our work.
Integrations are keenly used by employees of many companies, no matter the size and business area. Why? Because in terms of time management, they help in combining work between different tools. That increases efficacy at work and stimulates creativity. Integrations are also commonly used by freelancers who very often have to manage their businesses and projects on their own. By integrating specific tools, work is smooth and faster.
There are plenty of integrations for time tracking software to choose from, and the list is still growing. We chose the top 5. They all belong to those most favorite and widely used. We know how important it is to integrate your favorite apps with time tracking software. That’s why all integrations from the list are available for TimeCamp. However, they may not be available for other time tracking tools. Check out our list of top 5 integrations for easy time tracking.

 1. Trello

Trello is one of the most popular apps for managing tasks. Users love it for its interface, functionality, and usability.
This integration is fantastic if you rely on Trello in terms of managing to-do lists. Trello power-ups for time tracking enable you to track time spent on certain tasks in the app. If you’re tired of switching between apps or constantly monitoring your activities, it’s the right tool to use. Thanks to Trello integration you can easily analyze how much time you and your team spend on particular tasks.
What is more, Trello has many useful power-ups which increase productivity. And when you use those power-ups in combination with time tracking, you can achieve outstanding results!
Check out TimeCamp’s Power-up for Trello!
Did you know that TimeCamp team created a new team collaboration tool, that combines Trello and Slack features?

2. Slack

Communication is the crucial aspect of creating a well-developed project. Both, in terms of internal communication (in the team and organization) and external (outside the organization – with stakeholders). Slack is the perfect tool for it. Since communication is not only about talking, it’s important to know how much time you and your team spend on it.
Slack is very practical, especially if you work with and manage a remote team. By integrating Slack with your time tracking app, you can easily plan future meetings and conferences with your team and clients.

3. QuickBooks

Looking for accounting software which will integrate with time tracking app? QuickBooks is one of the best. You can use it if you’re an individual or a CEO of a small or large organization.
When integrated with time tracking software, QuickBooks, helps to track sales and manage your expenses, track sales, and profits. Time tracking and accounting in one place!
👉 Read more about Time Tracking Software for QuickBooks.

4. Evernote

Evernote works excellent for teams and for individuals. It’s a space for organizing your work and projects. It works as virtual sticky notes. Yet the way you can manage them lends a hand with gaining knowledge work, team’s or individual’s progress.

Add time tracking to it and you will have a great time and project management tool in one!
Check out our Evernote time tracking integration!

5. Basecamp

Working with people, managing and allocating resources may be time-consuming. But this integration may work wonders! Basecamp is a tool which organizes communication, projects, and client work together.
Integrating Basecamp with your time tracking software is a good way to become more organized as a project and team manager. Particularly if your work is to allocate resources.


Have you used one of those integrations with your time tracking software? Let us know in comments how they worked for you!
If you are looking for more integrations, make sure to check our full list here! Get inspired and find the right power-ups for you and your team!

PS. Happy to introduce two new powerful TimeCamp integrations: time tracking and Zoho CRM time tracking!

Top 5 Integrations for Easy Time Tracking

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