TOP 3 Petitions Which Can Boost Companies’ Productivity

Today we present the top three petitions which can boost companies’ productivity. You may wonder why it matters and what’s the purpose. The thing is, petitions have an enormous power to change things for the better. They engage people in action. They make them think and react to controversies and issues which are wrong. Additionally, thanks to petitions, the word can spread and reach a wider audience. But let’s take a closer look at the most popular website for petitions online –

What is

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The website was launched on February 7, 2007. Its chief executive is Ben Rattray. Today, the company has offices in 18 countries. The website itself has many users (10 million members in 2012) and the number is still growing. To the most popular topics which petitions concern belong: economic and criminal justice, human rights, education, environmental problems, animals’ rights, and health issues.

These three following petitions from are the ones that can boost your company’s productivity. Why? See for yourself by checking out every one of them.

1. Call for all employers to give feedback, post-interview

The initiator of this petition is Lisa Malyon from London, United Kingdom. It is aimed at Minister for Department of Work and Pensions Damian Hinds. The reason for which she decided to create it was not receiving feedback after a job interview.

The motivation for creating this petition is the fact that employers do not give any information concerning the job interview. A good quality feedback is crucial in understanding the potential employee’s strengths and weaknesses. It also helps to encourage them to work on their flaws.  Additionally, the petition highlights that good feedback increases applicants’ confidence. It also helps to save the time needed for finding the right person. It’s favorable both for the employer and the applicant.

Lisa Maylon supports her petition with research result saying that: “Research undertaken for the Debut Guide to Interview Etiquette revealed that 77% of 18-23s think it should be a legal requirement for employers to provide feedback after a face-to-face interview.

Until now 987 supporters signed the petition. To reach the goal it needs 1,000 signatures, so there aren’t many votes left. For now, the problem stays unresolved. Lisa Maylon also encourages to support a campaign called #FightForFeedback. If you want to know more about it, follow this link.

2. Let’s Stop Job Ageism

This petition was initiated by Charmaine Weeks from Australia. It is against discrimination at workplaces due to age. As the creator claims, people who are fifty or more have much more difficulties at work. This is especially visible when it comes to finding a new job. Employers are looking for young people, not giving a chance to those who are older and have much bigger experience. The main goal of this petition is to make it possible for people of age 50+ to get a good job and make workplaces “fair for all”, as says Charmaine Weeks.

The petition already has 4,934 supporters, which makes it only 66 signatures away from being sent to Age Discrimination Commission and the Minister for Employment.

Charmaine Weeks encourages to share your story and spread the word. If you want to sign it and make a change, click the link in the subtitle above.

3. Equal Pay For Equal Work

New York City Council is the receiver of this petition. It was created by NYC Public Advocate Letitia James and achieved success with 4,870 signatures.

Its main motivation was to prohibit employers from asking their female workers about salary history. The petition aimed at closing the gender wage gap and by that avoiding situations in which women are paid less for their work. Even if they’re at the same position as their male co-workers.

Summing up

You may wonder how your company can benefit from these three petitions? Firstly, giving feedback after an interview can be helpful in finding the right employee. It will not only help you and save your time but also will make your company look professional in eyes of other people. We all know that after a job interview words about companies spread fast. Wouldn’t it be better if the word about your business was good? Secondly, avoiding ageism is beneficiary. Why? Because you may gain great employees with professional skills and valuable knowledge. And at the same time, you’ll create a positive atmosphere in your company, both for younger and those older employees. And lastly, equal pay for all genders should be a no.1 rule of every company. If there’s equality in salary, there’s equality in work.

Use these three top petitions to boost your company’s productivity and improve your position on the market. And if you have more interesting petitions to share, let us know in the comment section below!

TOP 3 Petitions Which Can Boost Companies’ Productivity

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