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We love reading blogs so much! Not just for staying up-to-date with the latest productivity tips, but also to compare the points of view of their authors. It’s hard to choose the one and only, which provides the most valuable hacks, but these 10 I included in this post, just deserve to be mentioned.

What was the idea of writing this kind of article? First and foremost, to collect the best productivity resources and guide our readers on the difficult path of self-improvement. Why? Because searching “productivity blogs” in Google can cause more problems than giving the right answer. Next, I also wanted to share with you these blogs which our team member read the most frequently. And finally, this post was written to honor the authors for their effort of teaching us how to be more organized and manage our assignments better!

Join our journey through the top productivity blogs!


The owner and founder of Dumb Little Man, whose pen name is Jay White, started writing his blog in 2006. Since the more than ten years his website provides the best tips for motivation and goals achieving. To find more about the author and his history, visit the About Me page!

The blog includes the following categories: happiness, success, money, “how to,” lifehacks, relationships, and health. Thanks to the tips the authors provide you can make your life easier effortlessly. I’m sure you won’t believe how easy and close is the improvement!

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Mark Shead, the owner, and author of Productivity 501 helps companies how to use technology to develop their business ideas. While software engineering is one of the essential factors, according to his experience, he also appreciates the importance of establishing positive habits in our lives.

The website provides original content only, so the readers can be sure that the tips are proven by the authors’ experience and knowledge. You can also participate in the online courses based on e-mails and choose from the following subjects: procrastination prevention, using the habit lists, organized desk, and productive digital lifestyle. Mark shares the ambient music as well, which is very helpful to avoid being distracted.

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James, the author of this blog, is a passionate photographer and writer. His primary goal is to answer the following question: is it possible to master the habits that shape our lives and, if so, how do we do it?

That’s why the blog covers subjects like behavioral psychology, performance improvement, and habit formation. The articles are organized in an intuitive way, so there is no chance to get lost! James also points the best articles to begin browsing his posts and understand his approach to life.

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Unclutterer is created by the team of productivity passionates who just want to help people better organized effortlessly. They provide the best tips for home and office organization. Getting uncluttered and organized is, according to their experience, the first step to becoming more productive and efficient!

The blog covers more than 50 categories, e.g. Gift Giving Guide, Never Too Busy to Cure Clutter, Relationships, Simple Living and Time Management. The regular readers are also familiar with daily roundups, for “Workspace of the Week,” “Extreme Minimalism Monday” or “Unitasker Wednesday.” The Unclutterer team is also the author of books covering their best tips available in their Amazon Store!

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Joshua Becker, the author, and owner of Becoming Minimalist, once decided that he and his family will quit living with many possessions. Decluttering their home made them living more minimalistic. The decision of owning less inspired the millions around the world to live a better organized and more productive life.

The blog covers the most important subject for having an uncluttered and minimalistic life. Joshua also shares his tips in the best-selling books, like Simplify: 7 Guiding Principles to Help Anyone Declutter Their Home and Life or Living with Less: An Unexpected Key to Happiness, which is dedicated to students. Except for writing articles and books, the author is also a famous worldwide speaker.

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Do you know a blog which should be included in the next part of the best productivity blogs list?

Let us know about them in comments; we’re waiting for the inspiration!


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Top Productivity Blogs To Follow in 2018

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