Tracking Time Software – How Does It Help with Invoicing?

Creating invoices is one of the most important tasks involved with a business. At one time, invoicing was a completely manual process; but the increasing use of computers and the internet has made the process mostly computerized today.

Tracking Time Software – How Does It Help with Invoicing?

There are even many project tracking apps to be found which can be used for invoice generation. Invoicing is one of the main features of the Timecamp software, one of the coolest apps for time management. Find out how this feature can help you with creating invoices.

Price Tracking Software   

The Invoicing feature lets you set hourly rates beside every user or project, and generate invoices on the basis of the details which are collected with the Timecamp software. It can be used to select projects, pick a specific time frame and automatically generate an invoice.

The feature lets you track the number of billable hours being spent on paid projects as well as on non-billable projects.

As your workers can also log their working hours into the system, you can pay them for the total number of hours during the month-end.

Easy Invoice Integration with PayPal

You can also integrate this app with your own PayPal account and be able to track the payments for the invoices that have been issued on ongoing basis.

The easy integration with PayPal helps you to make payments automatically from your account.

By integrating the TimeCamp software with Quickbooks or Xero, you can export the invoices easily from the app to the accounting software that you choose.

Easy sharing of invoices

With this free time billing software, you can also send invoices directly to your clients from the software and through email. There is also the chance to generate a public link for easy sharing or even to download the invoices in the form of PDF files and share them later with your clients in any way that you prefer. Whenever your clients view an invoice from your end, you can get notifications from the Invoicing feature of the software itself.

Evaluating profitability of projects 

By making use of time entries in the TimeCamp application, you can evaluate the profitability of your projects or bill your clients.

You can issue quotes as well as invoices straightaway from the app and have them sent directly to the clients.

The invoices can be filled up automatically with suitable rates by setting hourly rates for either users or projects.

Tracking Time Software – How Does It Help with Invoicing?

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