Best Trello Plugins for Remote Teams!

 We live in times when many professions require requires an Internet connection to perform our duties effectively. Being online all the time can be frustrating of course, but it also gives us many opportunities. And one of them is remote work – regardless of time zone and place we’re in, we can still deliver the highest results of our work. Although, distributed teams often require special treatment, because of the lack of face-to-face contact (I’m aware we’re missing it especially in times of COVID-19 lockdown!). But they’re also master the mediated communication, using the wide range of tools available on the market. One of the apps for effective remote collaboration is Trello and today let us suggest some of the best Trello plugins for remote work to make the workflow even easier!

What is Trello?

Honestly, I don’t know any person who hasn’t ever heard a word about Trello before. It’s one of the most widely known Kanban-based task management app – cleverly designed, intuitive, and user-friendly. Working online, it just replaces traditional notes on your wall. Every important information that you have to save for later you can just pin to its interactive board. No matter if it’s used by the small or bigger teams or just for personal use, it helps declutter the workflow without any effort.

Best Trello Plugins for Remote Teams!

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View in Trello’s apps marketplace: TimeCamp for Trello

The work management software will definitely go hand in hand with the right project time tracking software. Therefore, we could not suggest anything else, but TimeCamp – the best time tracking software on the market. It offers a smoothTimeCamp integration with Trello that would boost both your productivity and engagement in no time. Try it out!


Analytics and reporting: Agile Dashboards by Corello

View in Trello’s app marketplace: Agile Dashboards for Trello

Kanban view in Trello is, of course, amazing, but sometimes it’s not enough and we need other ways of presenting data to manage projects accurately. That’s why Agile Dashboards Power-up made by Corello is a perfect choice – gives you and your team the charts you need in no time. With these data, you’ll be able to identify and eliminate the drawbacks of the team’s performance and keep the projects on schedule to deliver even the highest results of work.

trello plugins for remote teams

Automation: Card Repeater

View in Trello’s app marketplace: Card Repeater for Trello

Tired of copying cards for repeated tasks? There’s a smart way to improve it! Card repeater is one of the amazing Trello plugins for remote teams, especially when they’re collaborating on tasks that are repeated over time. Adding it to your Trello, you’ll be able to create an exact copy of that card at the given date and time. But what is more, the cards can be scheduled to repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. No more making them manually – automation is the king! 😉

trello plugins for remote teams

Board utilities: Calendar

View in Trello’s app marketplace: Calendar for Trello

Many remote teams don’t trust third-party apps and in case they’re looking for the extensions, they’re determined to find the “official” one. When it comes to the tools helpful for enhancing Trello boards, a Calendar made by the company’s staff seems to be a perfect choice. It displays cards with due dates in a weekly or monthly calendar view. Managing the cards in this view is a piece of cake – you just drag and drop them to change the due dates. To make the view even more clear, the completed tools are marked and the priorities are visible. Moreover, the calendars can be exported using the iCalendar link. Pro tip: it’s available for Trello mobile apps as well!

trello plugins for remote teams


Communication & Collaboration: Slack

View in Trello’s app marketplace: Slack for Trello

Slack is a tool that hardly needs an introduction. Loved by the many distributed teams all over the world, it’s one of the most widely know collaboration tools, except maybe for Microsoft Teams. Thanks to the Trello plugin, you’ll be able to send the boards and cards as a channel or direct messages. What is more, each activity in Trello can be turned into the alert in Slack, so the team members are up to date when something’s changed. But the plugin works also the other way, because you can attach Slack conversations to Trello cards as well!

 icon-arrow-right  Pro tip: we all know that this plugin is precious, but if you’re tired switching between apps, try HeySpace that combines the features of these two!

trello plugins for remote teams

Do you know any other Trello plugins for remote teams? Maybe your distributed team created its own to enhance every day’s work? Don’t be afraid and share your insights in the comments!

Best Trello Plugins for Remote Teams!

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