How To Unleash The Creativity Of An Employee?

Every manager can find at least one person on their team who would prefer to follow the superior’s instructions rather than be creative. Why does it happen? The problem is not an A boss demonstrates a tendency towards addressing the subordinates impersonally, commenting about them instead of the issue in question: “you always do so,” “you had to do so,” “you can’t do it…

The boss’s mood, his/her authoritarianism, and firmness deprive employees of the sense of security and stability. In such circumstances, the employee is not able to satisfy his/her higher values, such as self-fulfillment, and instead, (s)he tries to develop a stable position in a group and good relationships with the superiors.

Such an arrangement creates a vicious circle in which an enslaved employee makes himself or herself dependent on the boss and gets his/her supervisor accustomed to such a state of affairs.

How To Unleash The Employee’s Creativity?

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It is surprisingly easy to answer the question of what to do to release employee’s creativity. Give them the opportunity to do so. Managers should make sure employees meet some basic needs like that of security, stability, and appreciation. These incentives are enough to make the employee try harder. Today’s young generation is mostly not afraid that they will no longer find a job. Many fields of the economy are predominated by what is called an “employee market”, which means that those who want to work will always find a job. People are therefore much more eager to give up their jobs if they do not like the working atmosphere, inter-company relations, or working conditions.

What Should A Manager Do To Unleash An Employee’s Potential?

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A frank conversation is useful in any situation. However, not every manager is a master of motivation or long speeches full of “big words.” On the other hand, every manager can find tools and methods that will allow employees to self-discipline themselves:

  • Time – tools such as TimeCamp, which track employees’ working time by measuring their computer activity. For example, time spent on specific websites, applications or computer programs will increase the employee’s awareness that what annoys the employer the most is their lost time. An application usage report is not only an important information about how much time an employee spends on his tasks but also how much time he actually loses on activities that do not concern his duties.
  • Inspiration – the manager’s task is to provide an employee with inspirational stimuli for further development. These may be books, e-books, podcasts or webinars. But these may also be ambitious tasks that will allow an employee to develop. With it, he will enter into new areas of knowledge and experience, unfamiliar to him so far.
  • Distributors – creating working conditions for every employee requires defining their current duties and defining those which they do not have to perform. Forced to multitask, an employee will not work well because he won’t be equally devoted to all tasks. Therefore, a decent workplace is the essence of a well-performed work.

To Sum Up

In today’s world of “new quality of work,” talent is what truly matters, not the number of employees. The success of the company consists mainly in the improvement of internal processes and the ability to change. Not on focusing on the market or territorial expansion. In this situation, only creative employees will be the driving force behind the company’s development.

How To Unleash The Creativity Of An Employee?

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