Upgrade Your Workflow with these Best Todoist Integrations!

No matter the industry you’re working in, you probably know how hard it is to manage multiple projects and tasks at once. Having a lot on the mind causes chaos when the high level of organization isn’t maintained (unless that chaos makes you more creative, there’s a group of people who proudly states that). There are many different ways of task management, starting with a traditional piece of paper and pen, and finishing with the modern, comprehensive project management software. Among the digital solutions, we can also find the to-do list tools that serve as a handy organization and collaboration tools for teams and freelancers. And when it comes to the to-do lists, there’s one app that comes to the mind almost instantly – Todoist! Today, let me introduce you to some of the best Todoist integrations that make this tool a real productivity machine. But first, for these who have never heard of it…

What is Todoist?

As it states on the website, Todoist is a” to-do list to organize work and life”. It’s a handy app that helps you write down all your ideas and keeps them in one safe place. Using it, you’re sure you’ll never miss anything important! Todoist, a handy task manager that makes work organization less challenging. Got an idea, or have something in mind to do? Create a new task for it! Customize it as well – make it recurring if needed, add a due date, set tags, and priorities. If the task is more complex, create subtasks to manage and use the same settings as for tasks to organize it effortlessly. Todoist also allows to assign the tasks, so you can delegate the work without sending an endless email chain. As every task manager, it increases team transparency and makes the work distribution less overwhelming.

What is more, Todoist introduced gamification to make productivity-increasing more fun. For finishing tasks in time and reaching daily goals, you get Karma points. Scoring the right amount of them results in becoming a productivity master! Hint: a smart manager will use this feature to encourage the team members to join the healthy competition that can result in better overall performance!

Todoist is available for both desktop and mobile and all the most popular platforms and devices. They offer a free plan, the premium one is for 3$ for one user per month, and the business plan for teams is for 5$ per user per month, billed annually.

As you can see, Todoist is a comprehensive task manager, but its features can be extended significantly. How? One you should do is to choose at least one from the wide range of Todoist integrations. Let us introduce you to some of the most useful, according to our team! What is more, as it states on their pricing website, most of the integrations are also included in the free plan!

What are the best Todoist integrations?

Time tracking

Efficient task management requires tracking work hours. Filling paper timesheets manually is outdated and wastes precious time that can be used in many different, more productive ways.


Our tool TimeCamp is a 100% free time tracker for unlimited users. It logs hours for every single activity performed on a computer or mobile device during work hours. Thanks to the Todoist integration with TimeCamp, you can track time for your task lists! How does it work? Once you permit TimeCamp to access the Todoist account, it imports the entire list structure, so there’s no need to create it from scratch manually. Then, you’ll be able to track time for tasks and subtasks straight from the web, desktop, or mobile app. Generate the reports and get the answer which tasks are the most time consuming to improve the workflow. What is more, with time tracking, you can invoice your customers based on hours tracked straight from TimeCamp!

todoist timecamp

Sign up for a free trial today and find out how the Todoist and TimeCamp integration works!


If the Pomodoro technique is the one you prefer instead of the usual time tracking, choose Pomodone! It’s a Todoist integration that keeps tracking time on your tasks using this simplified method based on 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes break. What is more, the effectiveness of the Pomodoro Technique is proved scientifically, because splitting time like that and taking short, regular breaks makes you more concentrated and focused on your tasks. What is more, it also increases the level of creativity because your mind is stress-free and continuously refreshed.



Digital times create new opportunities, and it would be a shame not to use it for achieving goals faster. Automation tools work on the principle of “if this then that” and helps you connect your favorite apps, even if they aren’t offering a direct integration.


Zapier helps you to integrate Todoists with more than 500 various apps. It allows the users to create Zaps based on the principle described above, like turning email into a task in the lists, the tasks into Calendar events, or adding the finished tasks to the lists in Evernote. What is more, Zapier allows users to create their Zaps, so they can automatically create new connections for their purposes.



This tool works in a similar way as Zapier but will be a perfect choice if you prefer less-known solutions. It just simply automates the processes that are mostly time-consuming when done manually, like creating new tasks from emails or managing Calendar events – but they’re called Bots. With just a few clicks, Automate.io automatically turns actions from various apps into Todoist items, even if Todoist doesn’t integrate with the other tools directly.



Task managers became more and more common last days, but it didn’t affect how popular the email clients still are. That’s why each company should consider integrating their email accounts to Todoist for an even faster and more efficient workflow.


This Google app is by far the most popular email client on the market. We also used to think about the email service as something between communication software and task manager, but the sad reality is that the essential issues are gone between the spam messages or are just forgotten because we tend to share the endless chain of emails. Additionally, most of us fail in creating labels or maintain this process longer than a few weeks. But integrating it with Todoist will allow you to create the to-dos straight from Gmail without losing any important details, so you can then assign people to them, set the due dates, and follow the changes. You can choose the way to integrate these two tools from these options:

  • “Todoist for Gmail” Chrome extension – allows adding every email as a task from Google Chrome,
  • “Todoist for Gmail” G Suite add-on allows adding tasks from Gmail for web, iOS, and Android.



It’s an email management tool that works for all the most popular email clients – Gmail, Outlook, Mail, and others. Basically, it just cleans your inbox for you, filtering it from everything that can be distracting – offers, social notifications, newsletters, and more, leaving only essential messages. With its SaneFwd feature, you can automate forwarding the re-occurring tasks, so they’re going straight into a chosen Todoist project (to automatically create a new task). Easy to connect, in a few steps you get every single email to Todoist, without spam.

Please keep in mind this integration is available for Todoist Premium only.



Task managers were invented to save the team’s time and make the members more productive. The same is with productivity tools, that can be easily connected to Todoist for maintaining the highest efficiency level.


It’s an extension that allows creating personal dashboards. In the beginning, it was available for Chrome only, now the Firefox and Edge users can also use it. Creating a special space for the work-related tasks makes us less distracted because we can keep everything in one place, starting with the favorite quotes ending up with ideas carefully written down to not forget them. And that to the Todoist integration, you can sync your projects and to-do lists and manage them straight from the Momentum app.

This integration is available for Momentum Plus subscribers only.



This app was created with a view to increasing the team’s productivity. It’s basically a tool that helps you manage the meetings, the arrangements made on them as well as the ideas the team members keep in their minds. It helps make the brainstorming more efficient because all the ideas and project changes arranged during the meeting are safely stored in this one, simple to use and connect app. The Todoist integration allows you to turn the notes taken during the meetings into the items on your to-do lists. Simple as that!

todoist hugo integration

Google Calendar

Being overwhelmed, we often forget about deadlines, meetings, and so on, even if we’ve added them to our favorite task manager before. And here a Google Calendar comes with a helping hand! As one of the Google Apps, it’s a part of GSuite and allows you to connect your to-do lists with calendars. This Todoist integration works in real-time and syncs perfectly. Once these two apps are connected, tasks with due dates are automatically added to the calendar you’ve chosen. It works the other way as well; the events created in that calendar appears immediately in the Todoist project.

Google Calendar is available for all the Todoists plans!


Did you know that TimeCamp syncs with Google Calendar as well?

File management – Google Drive / Dropbox

To avoid the overall chaos and add extra space for company files, it’s recommended to use the file management tools. Two of the most popular ones on the market, Google Drive and Dropbox, integrate with Todoist directly and helps you manage files stored in the cloud. They both allow you to save, store and share on data, but since Google Drive is a part of GSuite, you can also collaborate on them using Google Sheets, Google Docs, and so on. Using them, you’ll be able to share or/and collaborate on the files straight from your Todoist account.



Since remote work has become more popular, communication tools are the must-have ones. But no matter if you manage a distributed or an office team, integrating your Todoist with a collaboration tool allows you to smooth the workflow. Slack is the most obvious alternative here, but Todoist offers also the integrations with other, no less interesting tools.


As I mentioned above, when it comes to team collaboration, most of the companies prefer using Slack because it’s just widely recognizable in the industry. But did you know that there’s a Todoist app for team communication? It’s called Twist and was built by the same company. They describe this app as a calmer, more organized workplace for the teams no matter of size. The communication process is splitter into three levels:

  • channels – for team conversations (public or private),
  • threads – an excellent replacement for emails, perfect for long-form discussions,
  • messages – one on one chats.

With Todoist integration, you can turn any message into a Todoist task and follow the changes in projects straight from Twist.



This tool improves communication and team collaboration in an unusual way because it’s basically a files scanner. It allows you to scan every document with your smartphone – it recognizes, extracts, and captures the data. Thanks to the wide range of filters the captured images are high-quality processed. Scanbot also offers text recognition and allows you to turn the scanned pages into one PDF file. With the Todoist integration, you can add your scanned documents to your favorite to-do list app.


As you can see, Todoist integrates with so many different apps to help your team perform even more effectively. It’s a superior task manager, and even if it lacks some features, they can be easily added thanks to the integrations. Are there any you want to recommend us? Leave them in the comments!

Upgrade Your Workflow with these Best Todoist Integrations!

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