What to Do When Slack is Down?

How to Handle Your Work When Slack is Down?

Slack is a tool widely used by many people, various organizations, and individuals. It has 8 million daily active users and 3 million paid users. But when it is down, it becomes a problem for everybody.

It’s worth mentioning that Slack is probably the most popular communication tool. It has many useful features and vastly improves communication. It is a simple app which enables its users to set up different channels for different projects or teams and create a group or individual conversation with team members. People love it because it not only creates a smooth communication channel for an organization but it also enables colleagues to exchange files and any type of information.

Even though the number of Slack users is impressive, it doesn’t mean that the tool is perfect. When Slack is down, it has a negative effect on the workflow and communication. Especially, if an organization bases its work on the app. Fortunately, Slack cares about its customers and informs them whenever problems arise.

So when the app crashes, you can monitor Slack System Status to get back to work when the problem is resolved. It’s a great way to let customers know what’s happening. Nevertheless, for some, it’s not enough.

Slack is Down? Try Alternatives!

If it never happened to you, you can only imagine what happens when Slack is down. It is an especially difficult situation for people who work remotely. Unfinished conversations, important chat with a team, lack of communication, information available only on chat to which you have no access.

If you’re afraid that such situation happens again or that it could happen to you, you can avoid the problem by using alternatives, such as HeySpace. In fact, it is more than just an alternative!


HeySpace is a task management software with chat. It’s a combination of Slack and Trello which helps to improve communication and collaboration. It has all the features necessary for enhancing the workflow. You have everything in just one place! Chat, team, and tasks are easily accessible in the main window. Thanks to its ergonomic design you can communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

You can easily turn part of your conversation into a task! With its extensive features, you can simply adjust tasks’ settings: mark progress, add a description, comments, tags, create a checklist, assign people, and set a due date. 

Thanks to the feature of workspaces, you can share HeySpace with your clients and stakeholders. No matter what your business is, this innovative private collaboration tool easily turns into SaaS to improve your business relations. It’s particularly helpful when working with multiple clients on multiple projects.

HeySpace allows you to keep all your work, all projects, and tasks in one place. This is much more convenient than switching between different apps, for example, Slack and Trello. For us, TimeCamp, switching from Slack and Trello to HeySpace was the best decision we’ve ever made!

Check out the video below to see how HeySpace works.

Slack, we have a problem!

It is completely natural that software with millions of users crashes. With such amount of people using the app at the same time, it seems to be normal that Slack is down every once in a while. For regular Slack users, though, it may be too much at times. Slack is down so many times that for some people switching to an alternative app may be the best solution.

Yet Slack knows how important the users are and they always inform people about the problems via official social channels. Everyone should give them the credit for the nice way of apologizing to their customers and making the best to bring the app back whenever it crashes. After all, nobody wants chaos to break out in the office and employees pulling out their hair with panic because Slack is down.

Don’t let chaos rule your company!

Try HeySpace today!

What to Do When Slack is Down?

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