What’s The Difference Between Management And Leadership?


Management vs Leadership – it seems that these two elements have a lot in common. However, both positions, a manager and a leader, have certain differences that separate them. Management and leadership require a distinctive set of skills. So what makes the two different? Let’s take a look by summing up the best answers from Quora. We prepared two lists including the main features of the two.


What is management?

“[T]he act or art of managingthe conducting or supervising of something (such as a business). Business improved under the management of new owners.”

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

What skills make up the management and make it different from leadership? Here’s the list of the most important aspects:

  • successful execution of tasks;
  • managing performance, budget, deadlines;
  • managing is process oriented – how will the process look like? What strategies should be used? How will we deliver the product to its final phase?
  • managing a team, making sure people work together;
  • follows the leader’s vision;
  • works in the present, doesn’t focus on the long vision of the company but on the particular project or tasks which are performed “right now”;
  • deal with the status quo – the existing state of things.


What is leadership?

“capacity to lead”

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

As simple as that!

What skills make up the leadership and make it different from management? Here’s the list of the most important aspects:

  • deals with the future state of affairs – the long vision of the company;
  • setting the right direction;
  • inspiring people;
  • setting the right direction;
  • taking the risk.

Management vs Leadership


It is important to remember that a good manager is also a good leader, and a good leader is a good manager. Particular competences of a manager and a leader will require combining a couple of skills from both areas. For this reason, a good manager and leader should always stay open to new things, ideas, and be flexible.

It is not easy to determine what exactly does it mean to manage and lead. These two terms could be used interchangeably as, despite the differences, they are very similar. It could be said that the only difference between them is technical. Why? Because both management and leadership require working with people. And the most important thing is to take care of the entire team who works at the company, communicate with everyone and don’t forget that the best way to customer’s satisfaction is employees’ satisfaction.

To make sure the company is successful in delivering a product but at the same time make sure employees are satisfied and do their job in the best possible way. This is the common feature of management and leadership which should never be assigned to just one of these terms.

What’s The Difference Between Management And Leadership?

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