What is the Secret to Insane Productivity?

Ever wondered you can be termed productive without doing work? Sounds strange, however, this is true! The key to productivity is not only to work days in and days out and stress yourselves out, But there are other healthy and pleasant ways to stay productive.

When we talk about the word productive, we always associate with being hardworking, obedient, an employee with heavy workload, and always in his computer and files. But we have also seen productivity in developers and marketers who take time and work limited but of great quality and gain better attention, than a stressed-out employee. 

So here are some of the points from research which shows how productivity can be done in an easier and friendlier way. 

What is the Secret to Insane Productivity?

Manage Ego

We have limited willpower which can be utilized in hand full of tasks on a certain day. It is not necessary to take a lot of tasks and pile up yourself, messing up your routine.

Productive people take limited task and save the remaining will power for their personal goals and routine.

Thus, you need to manage your ego of doing everything, rather select those which you can really do.

No Need to Work Heavily

In the beginning, motivation is high; energy is high so the work done is more. But as time passes, people develop shortcuts and creative ideas to ease themselves. However, productive people work differently, they reduce the workload on a given day and extend it to a longer timeline to perform better and efficiently. If you work with insane productivity, you don’t have to use your maximum effort. 

Do Procrastinate

You must have heard about not to procrastinate, but here I say do procrastinate.  It might be weird, but… Interestingly, when you procrastinate things, you find out which of the work is necessary and which ones are just waste. Thus, it helps you to focus on the important ones. And another advantage is you know exactly where you waste your time the most. 

Manage your energy

We have always received lectures and huge motivational speeches on how to manage time effectively.

However, here we suggest it is important to monitor you energy level and schedule your work according to your energy.

Thus, align your task which requires more focus when your energy is high. This will give you a better result in the final product. 

Productivity Meme
Source: http://thekeycuts.com

Learn to Delegate

It is not important to work everything yourself. If you have power and a team, you should delegate work to others. You don’t need to be a perfectionist and lose all your energy and time working and others waiting. Delegating will not only reduce your load but raise your personal productivity level.

To-Do List

Revamp your current to-do list and sort out the valuable ones and prioritize accordingly. Also, it is better not to plan hourly, but task wise.

Keep buffer in between so that you can adjust break times and energize yourself when needed.

And always schedule a time for the most important tasks on the list. That’s the key to insane productivity!

All these tips are extracted from researches and blogs by various people in different fields about their say on being productive. Hence it is better to work with quality rather than quantity.

What is the Secret to Insane Productivity?

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