Who Really Uses Time Tracking?

If you want to spend your time working and not tracking, download a time tracking application or software for your ease. Whether you work for an organization or look after your own business, your time is the biggest asset and is constantly on top of your mind. It is what commands how early you get up, how long you spend at dinner, when you eat and when you go to bed. It is what helps decide your pay rate or salary, and confines just how much you can get done in a single day.

The need for proficiency and productivity make it vital for organizations and companies of all sizes to improve and change old and ineffective ways of operation with newer, better means.

Time tracking software is among the easiest and most effective solutions for anorganization to adopt when tracking efficiency gains.

This software helps its users to keep track of time spent on tasks. Not only does it record time, but it reduces labor costs, increases worker productivity and minimizes compliance risks.

Whether you are a small business owner, employee in a company or a freelancer, time tracking software and applications are beneficial to all.

Top time tracking software

 Some of the best times tracking software of all times are as follows:


TimeCamp is renowned online time tracking software that is designed for companies of different sizes. It permits your employees to effortlessly record and analyze the time consumed on tasks.

The Motto is: “Time tracking software that your team will actually use”.

It helps to study the team engagement, its efficiency and bill the clients precisely to the work done.  Moreover, TimeCamp is linked with many tools, like Assembla, Podio, Trello and so on. Including a plugin allows you to tack time straight in your desired application. It is a web-based solution that offers:

  • computer work session monitoring,
  • time tracking,
  • invoicing,
  • reporting tools,
  • project budgeting and so much more.

TimeCamp Computer Time

TimeCamp allows you to track time and assign it to tasks in multiple ways: Manual timesheet and small desktop application which gathers information about your computer usage and automatically updates the web panel with it and allows you to manually track time on specific task with a timer.


Time Doctor

Time Doctor is one of the most accurate time management and time tracking software that helps you to get a lot accomplished timely each and every day. You can also handle your projects in the simplest way.

See the differences between TimeDoctor and TimeCamp


Toggl has recently and rapidly become a popular choice for time tracking, and for good cause. With its sleek and easy-to-use design, companion apps, deep list of integrations, it truly does appear to have everything you could need.

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Everhour is a web-based time tracking application generated with developers and teams under consideration. Although having a stellar set of team-focused elements, it is a nice option for freelancers in quest of a time tracking solution they can mature with.

There are loads of different time trackers available out there, each with their distinct benefits and unique features. But the application that is ideal for you will be determined by your workflow and how you intend to use it.

The greatest time tracking application is the one you will use. Thus be sure to experiment with these and others to discover the one that fits your needs seamlessly.

See the differences between Everhour vs Timecamp


If you’re ready to start working more effectively with time tracking software, trust us! We will do as much as we can to help you improve your productivity!

Who Really Uses Time Tracking?

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