Who Should Use Time Tracking?

Who Is Time Tracking for?

People like to have control over things that happen in their lives. Especially when it comes to time. Even though time is abstract and cannot be perceived in terms of a real asset, it’s extremely important for everyone. After all, the saying goes, time is money.

Controlling time, or rather managing activities during a particular period, gives people the feeling of security and keeps them calm. And in today’s world, where things happen fast and slowing down becomes more difficult, time management pays crucial role. For this, and many other reasons, many people decide to use time tracking.

This common phenomenon begs the question, who is time tracking for and who should use it? The answer is simple – everybodyWhy? Because it can help everybody enhance work and boost productivity.

Of course, good time tracking needs to be done in a proper way. You should know how to make use of tools, methods, and different techniques. Nothing stops you from becoming the master of time tracking.

But some people, working in certain fields, could benefit from time tracking more than everybody else. No matter what position you work at, you should definitely learn how to manage your time. It helps to increase positive outcomes and better organize the workflow.

Find Out If You Should Use Time Tracking!

At TimeCamp we’re delivering the best version of time tracking software and so, we know the needs of our customers. We also know that there are people whose work requires tools with specific and advanced features.

It may be difficult to manage your work let alone without any help, particularly if you carry a lot of responsibilities, deadlines, and need to keep an eye on details and manage risk.

Take a look at our short but comprehensive list of people who may extremely benefit from time tracking software.

project manager creative

Project Manager

When you work as a project manager, you need to face many challenges. You also have to make sure things work as planned Here’s in what situations time tracking can help you:

  • Some projects are based on billable hours. Because of that, you want to know how many hours you and your team spend on them in order to create an invoice or a report.
  • While working on a project, one of your main goals is to be profitable. To achieve that, it’s good to know if you’re efficient enough or you still need to work on your productivity.
  • To detect any issues and problems with a project, you need to be updated and always know what’s happening.
  • When something is wrong, you can find out what are the problems to react accordingly.

To sum up: To always know who is working on what and for how long, you need to have all the information in one place. With time tracking software it’s easy to control it and always stay on top of your work.

Team Leader

Team leaders have a responsible job. If that’s the position you have in the office, you know that leading a team is not an easy task. You have to coordinate the workflow of your entire team and make sure things are running smooth. And that’s why time tracking is particularly helpful:

  • Whenever you start a new project, you have to allocate tasks so that they match the proper hours and the project is not delayed.
  • To estimate the deadline for all stages of a project, you have to estimate the time needed for different tasks.
  • While a project is in progress, you need to coordinate team’s work to know the current work stage.

To sum up: Time tracking software for team leaders helps to estimate all the numbers related to the project: hours needed for all activities (to the second), budget, possible delays, etc. This enables proper resource allocation and will smoothen your work.

User Interface (UI) Designer

This position is also demanding. Mostly because the most important aspects of it include communication and constant updates on your work’s progress.

  • When you work on a project, you need to log time spent on particular tasks so that your supervisor is satisfied with the outcomes.
  • In order for other team members to see the project’s current progress, you need to give them the updates in the real-time.
  • It’s easy to plan your day when you know what you have to do.
  • When you do your tasks, you need to cooperate and communicate with other teams to see what they need and collect feedback.

To sum up: If you’re looking for a tool which helps you monitor progress and lifecycle of your projects, use time tracking software. You will not only be able to plan tasks and deliver projects on time but also to communicate the results to your boss, manager, or rest of the team.


Owner of a Small Company

Being a small company owner is even more challenging because you have to keep a hand on your entire enterprise as well as people.

  • You want to pay employees for the hours they have actually worked as well as bill your clients accurately. It’s an honest approach to your employees and clients.
  • When you go throught the payroll, you want to make sure that timesheets are correctly filled by your employees. That means, if someone claims that they worked, they actually did work. You can easily check that with time tracking software.
  • You can easily avoid incorrect timesheet filling. It’s also a great way to avoid mistakes in the future and not worry about it.
  • If you invoice on a regular basis, you can quickly do it automatically, according to a workflow. It helps to save your time.
  • Also, if you use project management software, you can integrate it with a good time tracking software and then see all your projects as a whole (including time, budget, resources, etc.)

To sum up: Time tracking helps you have a detailed insight into the company’s state, employees efficiency as well as make sure you’re paying people the right amount of money. It also helps to monitor all processes taking place within and outside of your business. But most of all, it’s a convenient way of improving work by auomatizing it.

What Needs Does Time Tracking Help to Meet?

Of course, time tracking can be used by anybody. There are no limits or boundaries. You can greatly benefit from using it. To give you a short summary, using the right software can fulfill your needs in terms of:

  • Invoicing billable time.
  • Productivity verification (employees not wasting time).
  • Measure project profitability (get complete real-time visibility into project status, improve resource utilization and deliver projects on time and within budget)
  • Employee attendance & payroll.
  • Justify time to your client (avoiding push back from clients, showing time reports with clients, and adjust your rates for specific projects).
  • Capacity planning (forecast time and costs for future development projects).
  • Remote workers monitoring.

There is even more to that but it all depends on your work and your expectations. You can adjust the tool to your needs and work effectively as never before.

Make sure your projects are on the right track. Sign up for TimeCamp today!

Who Should Use Time Tracking?

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