Why do I need attendance tracking software?

You may think that the days of manual punch in and out cards are over. No one in today’s world of mobile phones, smartwatches and earpads are willing to go back to such weird and outdated technology. That’s true, but only partially. It doesn’t mean that companies across different industries have a need to monitor attendance. Therefore, for businesses that strive to evolve with modern tools, there’s still a need to use some form of attendance tracking.

Let’s delve in and find out if your company might need to implement an attendance tracking system.

attendance tracking1. Attendance tracking in a nutshell

Attendance management is a process that keeps track of employee work hours for multiple purposes. Hence the punch in/out cards or manually filled out timesheets (but, seriously who has time to fill them out?). It comes in especially handy when you have people that work on an hourly-billed basis.

2. Where does it fit?

This might be also an obvious statement, but this sort of system might not work in every company on the market. Some of them, especially in the tech industry, lean towards a flexible working schedule which puts less emphasis on tracking the actual attendance of employees. As long as you make that 10 am meeting, you’re all good 🙂

It will really come down to the type of company and the type of work (services or products). Some companies need to have a regular sales call schedule by their teams (coming from a person that used to dial clients precisely at 9 am)

attendance tracking3. How to use it?

With the rising popularity of SaaS products, we’d definitely recommend going with cloud solutions. When it comes to software that isn’t the core essential for your business (compared to production management of foundry scheduling) you want to minimize the time spent on installing and configuring new software. There are tons of solutions out there that will allow you to digitize the process of managing your workforce’s attendance.

Most importantly, if you still rely on manually filled out timesheets, you’re in for a lot of hassle. Here’s a quick fix.

4. Fit for certain businesses

Examples of companies where attendance tracking (or let’s say – monitoring or management) is a necessity might be any sort of manufacturing or production company.

Think about it, if you produce something using both manpower and hi-tech machines, this needs to run on a well-established schedule. Can you imagine having half of your workers show late for their shifts?

That’s right.

👉 Check also best manufacturing time tracking software.

5. What does it need to do?

So you’ve come to the conclusion that you want to implement an attendance management software in your company, but you’re nowhere near starting your product research online. What should you consider when looking for a new tool? We recommend taking to account the following factors:

  • ease of implementation
  • ease of use
  • scalability
  • good support
  • pricing (not necessarily the cheapest, but does the price guarantee you the ROI on this purchase)
  • customizable with what you already use
  • if it’s already used in your industry or similar companies

To sum it up

Use wisely, research thoroughly and make sure you understand your needs when it comes to implementing an attendance monitoring software product. Actually, this decision framework may apply to any other software tool you need to run your business.

That’s all for today, let us know what you think is a good tool for managing your employee attendance.

Why do I need attendance tracking software?

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  1. I found your article very informative and you had great use of facts throughout the article.Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us, it is really helpful article!

    1. Hi Debora, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Really glad to hear you enjoyed this article 🙂 We’re also open to suggestions, do you have any topic you’d like us to review/blog about?
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    1. Hi Deepak, thanks for your comment, really glad to hear you enjoyed the article. Sure, we’re always happy to get know more ‘what’s cooking’ in the time tracking industry. Thanks for the suggestion.

      Take care!

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