Why Employees Don’t Want To Work And Leave The Company?

If you were curious enough to analyze all reasons for quitting a job, you would discover that very few of them result directly from heavy workloads. According to Brigette Hyancinth, the real and major reasons for the lack of loyalty in the corporation are:

  • inflexible working time, coffee/meal breaks, holidays, limited time spent with the family or time spent on education;
  • infringement of the rules relating to private time for employees – requests for, or even orders, to work after hours, telephones on weekends or holidays, etc.;
  • company’s lack of interest in the personal development of employees;
  • treating people through the prism of their results and numbers;
  • managers blaming employees for their own failures and not defending them when a need arises;
  • the loss of confidence in the work of employees.

“If you treat people with respect, they will treat you equally in 90% of their time.” Frankin D.



A true superior will earn the respect of their subordinates only if (she) treats them with respect and trusts them instead of reducing their work to merely tables. To maintain a good relationship with one’s employees, it is vital to take care of their values, surroundings, and success in life.

Every business is nothing more than the sum of energy and effort of the people who create it. Loyalty to the company builds openness, interest, and trust.

If you expect loyalty from your employees, show it to them first.

Employees will not be loyal to the employer who does not respect their needs.  Some managers even say that a company should be like a family, i.e., its members ought to support each other not only at work but also in private life.

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As TimeCamp, we touch upon the very sensitive issue of the employees’ work monitoring, which, successfully implemented in Western countries, in Poland is constantly being resisted by companies. The program records all web pages, applications, and documents that an employee opens. Managers can generate computer activity reports of their employees at any time. The real benefit of TimeCamp’s functionality is the possibility to assess the amount of time that an employee devotes to accomplish their tasks, or workload for the customers.

How Control Your Work?

The answer is simple.

Do not control people, control the processes of work.

Take advantage of proven solutions. Plan tasks in the Google calendar, integrate with Trello. Check the activities of your employees in their projects using TimeCamp. With these tools, you will be able to do so:

  • plan your team’s work and the time for the implementation of specific tasks;
  • check the time spent by your employees on accomplishing their tasks;
  • monitor project budgets.

While the introduction of a calendar and a task management program is fully accepted by employees, any program to monitor their work can raise severe objections of those not familiarized with its aim and benefits.

That is why the phase of the software implementation is crucial. The infographic below illustrates the various elements which need to be considered:


time tracking infographics

To Sum Up

Don’t make them feel unimportant and neglected because they will be willing to leave the company. Treat them with respect, take care of them and their needs. Use TimeCamp to create a perfect workplace and register today!

Why Employees Don’t Want To Work And Leave The Company?

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