Why We Need Time Trace Training for Teams?

Why Should You Offer Time Trace Training?

The issue of tracking employees time at work is considered by some as controversial. But its purpose is only to enhance work. But to use the most of it, it’s crucial to know how to use time trace.

Time trace is especially important for teams. Even though a team is created by a group of people who somewhere along the way work individually, they all create a coherent unit. This unit should be well-coordinated, also in terms of time management, because as a group they are responsible for the final outcome of a project or task they together work on. If this doesn’t happen, a team’s work quality and their efficiency decline.

Implementing a time trace system for the team is one thing but it doesn’t solve the problem. The other important thing is to offer time trace trainingWhy? Because this is the only way for your employees to find out how a proper time management should look like and how and use its full potential in their work.

How to Master Time Management for Teams?

Learning how to manage time individually is quite simple. Yet when it comes to time trace for teams, there appear certain obstacles. While managing time for yourself, you do everything as you please. You can adjust things to your needs and requirements. However, when you work with a team, you have to consider 4 main aspects of time trace.

1. The Right Time Tracking Software

Choosing the right tracking software is the priority. Such a tool is the basis for any further work. By using it, you can easily and quickly show your team or employees how to organize time, tasks, projects, and how effective time trace should look like.

Take a short look at TimeCamp, a simple and intuitive time tracking app. One of the keys to mastering time management for teams is to have all data under control in one place. As a leader or a Project Manager, you may know that keeping things clear and organized improves work and helps you to have an insight into your team’s progress.

timecamp app screen

TimeCamp is time tracking and project management software in one. It not only tracks time in the real-time but also enables you to see who is working on what for how long and how much money is being spent on a particular project. Detailed and accurate reports make it possible to predict the future time and budget for projects. With seamless integrations work becomes smooth and easy.

Choosing the most suitable time tracking software helps you organize processes and coordinate teamwork across different teams, departments, etc. Once your employees see the convenience of using a tool for time trace, they will be more willing to use it.

Make the process of time management easier for your team with TimeCamp, sign up for free today!

2. Teamwork

While it is easy to learn how to manage and trace time individually, tracking time in a team requires cooperation and effort.

It’s also not without a meaning to let your team learn at their own pace. Don’t rush anyone and make room for mistakes. Create a space for your team to discuss problems, exchange ideas, and ask questions. It is much easier to resolve issues and take up actions for eliminating mistakes and errors when people have the freedom to cooperate and help each other.

Teamwork is also a great way of strengthening the bonds between employees and creating a positive atmosphere. This helps people work better and boosts their productivity.

3. Prioritizing

First things first – teach your team to prioritize! People need to know which tasks or projects have to be taken care of as first, and which can be dealt with later on.

You can play with your team a little to see what works best for you. Organize a weekly meeting during which you will discuss the top activities. Create a schedule, make use of tools for organizing your work, for example, Nozbe, Evernote, or even a time tracking software you use (or will be using) at your company. Possibilities are limitless, you only have to choose that one which works best for your type of work/business.

4. Setting Goals

Did you know that “two thirds of senior managers can’t name their firms’ top priorities?”, according to a study conducted by London Business School. If your company, including employees, don’t set goals, you are going in no direction. Goals are the essence of every company’s success.

Set realistic goals. Think about how they are related to each other, and make regular updates on them. Also, you can use the SMART distinction of goals, which according to Mind Tools, goes as follows:

  • Specific (simple, sensible, significant).
  • Measurable (meaningful, motivating).
  • Achievable (agreed, attainable).
  • Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based).
  • Time bound (time-based, time limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive).


Does Your Team Need Time Trace Training?

Time trace training for teams is not only to help Project Managers but also helps those who need it most – members of teams. If you implement the right time tracking system in your company or for your team specifically, you will see that it not only improves people’s work but also their time management skills escalate. And if there are good time trace techniques, you will achieve more in less time.

Sit down with your team, discuss the flaws you can see in your time management system, and try to work on them. Make your team happy by executing our tiny but effective tips to enhance time trace training!

Why We Need Time Trace Training for Teams?

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