Why We Need To Care About Mobile Users?


The research carried out for an American market has shown that the group of people who use mobile search (which means mobile users also) is still getting bigger. What is surprising, it turned out the 80% of local searches ended in a purchase.

High place in search engine rankings is one of the most important issues which affects how much people are interested in the website.

In the mobile SERP 75% of traffic is gaining by websites ranked on first four places.

It’s caused by users behavior – they usually don’t scroll the page down, being focused mostly on the TOP4 results.

Another important issues are customers’ feedback about company and rates expressed as stars – they increase click-through rate as well. Smartphone users also use Google Maps more often, which proves how popular is this kind of navigation.

Why do We Need To Care About Mobile Users? Infographic

mobile users

This infographic shows why the whole content should be mobile optimized – more than 1.4 billion people in the world are smartphone users. It establishes the new opportunities of advertising. That’s why it is important to treat mobile and desktop users separately because their behavior and time spent while browsing web pages are different. We should also concentrate on the metrics considered while measuring mobile search process. 

Is AMP the key?

Accelerated Mobile Pages can tell me the future of mobile search. That’s why we decided to implement AMP standards to our blog ( the whole process is described – for more details about our AMP implementation check here: How To Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages). 

The Power of Social Media

However, it is necessary to indicate that based on our experience most of the mobile users visiting our homepage usually come from social networks (it was described in the following article: How To Get 1000 Potential Customers As New Users That Visit Your Site Using Social Media). The article with conclusions coming from AMP implementation will appear on our blog soon. Follow our blog posts and visit our social networks profiles where we inform about updates every day. 

Are your web pages mobile optimized? 

We’d like to invite you to join the webinar about Mobile SEO: 

The Growth and AMPlification of Mobile SEO: Webinar Deck

Why We Need To Care About Mobile Users?

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