Why You Should Be Grateful At Work?

Thanksgiving is over, turkey is gone, our few words of thankfulness disappear into the aether and our life comes back to normality again. Black Friday comes and we dive into the shopping adventure wanting to get more, forgetting these few words we said the day before. This is concerned also with work. We come back to our regular duties and sink in paperwork. But it’s a good time to reflect on work and realize how good work is for us.

Why You Should Be Grateful At Work?

There are many reasons for which we should be grateful for work and at work. We often wake up frustrated and not feeling like getting up from bed when the alram goes off. And even though work is an inseparable part of our lives, it is also a such an aspect of our existence that gives us many benefits. So why be grateful for that factor in life which makes us tired and sometimes even disappointed? There are five major aspects.

#1 The Fact Of Having Work

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There’s plenty of unemployed people in the world. If you have a bad day at work think how would you feel if you didn’t have work? Would you feel better? Even if you don’t feel that your job gives you fulfillment and satisfaction, you can always change it. There are always possibilities. Appreciate the fact that you are employed, get paid, and keep looking for a better option.

#2 Colleagues

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In every type of work you have to work with people. Either directly or indirectly. And even if your colleagues aren’t perfect, be grateful for all of them. If they’re not the best colleagues, you can learn from their mistakes and work on improving yourself.  If they’re the opposite, be thankful for them. Say simple “thank you,”  send them a smile, or share a piece of cake.

#3 The Ability To Use Your Skills


Work is probably one of a few places where you can fully use your skills. All these years spent at university, hours “wasted” on studying, and money invested in different courses. It all pays off at work. It’s one of the many reasons you were hired. Thanks to work you also develop these skills and gain new ones.

#4 Engagement

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Work is the place where you are active, maybe physically, maybe mentally. Or maybe both. Nevertheless, it works as a fuel to your brain. You keep your mind and body in a better shape and their always engaged.

#5 Emotions


At work, you learn the value of emotions. You learn how to cope with them, how to control them. You learn how to not make them influence your choices and attitude towards other people. Work helps in developing your emotional intelligence, which is important also outside the workplace.


It is important to be grateful at work because it brings us many benefits. Take a few minutes to relax and think about all these aspects of your work for which you could be grateful because they make you a better person.

Why You Should Be Grateful At Work?

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