Why You Should Use Time Tracking for Your Business

Data is the driving force of every business. It is a source of information about your company’s performance. But storing it all manually involves time and money. Timecamp can help you transform the data into powerful metrics. The app is more than just a time tracker.

Timecamp unites fragmented data into one coherent set of information, so you can make responsible and smart business decisions.

Timecamp collects data on your team’s performance, budget, overtime, attendance, tasks and projects to help you evaluate threats, opportunities, weak and strong spots, and optimize your spendings to drive maximum results.

Harness the Power of Data with Timecamp

Timecamp can serve as one unified hub for your company where you can store and manage all key information about your business, and use it to your advantage:

  • Setting billable rates – ensure you’re billing clients accurately
  • Detailed reporting – show reports and timesheets to your clients as the proof of work
  • Weekly view – graphs and calendar view help you conveniently visualize data
  • Productivity categories – track engagement of your team
  • Automatic time tracking – real-time insights into the team’s behavior and business performance
  • Leave management – administer attendance, leaves, business trips and more with a powerful attendance module
  • Improve estimations with detailed reports
  • Keep your budget under control with a budgeting feature
  • Attendance management – coordinate the team’s workflow thanks to data tracked by TimeCamp on when employees start and end work
  • Integrations – gather all data from different tools on the team’s work in one place

Timecamp gives you the flexibility to manipulate collected data and improve the flow of information between management and the lower-level employees for smooth and efficient collaboration.

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Data Never Sleeps

Check out how to configure time tracking and let it take care of your business. Even when you are asleep.

Visit our knowledge base for short guides and see how to get the most out of Timecamp.


Try Timecamp for free and take your business to the next level. Sign up today for free to save time and money!


Why You Should Use Time Tracking for Your Business

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